The Union Of Stony Hearts

laitman_929The union of hearts is the feeling that we are in one heart: We understand each other, we feel, we have one goal, and there is only one force that controls us. But connection implies within itself an understanding of what disconnection means.

One does not exist without the other; opposites support each other. Two properties must exist together: the Creator and creation, the desire to enjoy and the desire to bestow. And then we feel one against the other.

However, one quality, only the desire to enjoy or only the desire to bestow, we are not able to notice. Therefore, we must feel two opposing qualities in our connection.

First of all, we must thank the Creator for the fact that on all continents, all the people all over the world are now in the same state. The Creator gives us both a spiritual and material state. This has never happened before. Our material world is beginning to connect with the spiritual world, and this is really the action of the Messiah pulling this world to the stage of the upper world.

Therefore, one must be more bound by hearts, intention, appeal to the Creator, and prayer. And so we will develop our common feeling. It all depends on the personal, small contribution of each one.

I have a heart of stone that does not feel anything, but I hear that friends feel each other, and therefore I strive for them. And the other is so eager, and the third, there are millions of us! You should not miss your chance, do not neglect what the Creator is giving us.

You will begin to see more and more, day by day, how our group is receiving a blessing from above, an ascent, an understanding, a connection with the Creator. The Creator fills the voids between us that are expanded by the virus, and opens up before us opportunities for spiritual advancement.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/20, Selected Highlights

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