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laitman_222Remark: The development of the coronavirus gives a certain tool for making political, economic, and other decisions in the US and other countries. Even if it is not connected directly, it is the reason for a huge number of transformations that could be made in the world now.

My Comment: Of course. There are opportunities to act with a strong hand now.

Question: It is as if a show is being played out before us. The initial provocation is set, and we, as if, find ourselves in a situation where we don’t simply move by inertia in a boring process that we are, possibly, quite fed up with. Maybe it was comfortable, but not very dramatic, dynamic. Now the suspense is absolutely everywhere.

Societies and governments in many countries are at odds: What to do next? That is, the virus is already just a background.

How effective can measures for forced artificial stimulation of old sectors of the economy, employment, and consumer demand be? Will it lead to the exit from the crisis or, on the contrary, exacerbate it? There is an acute controversy in this regard.

Answer: I think that if humanity got rid of many useless economic sectors, we would, obviously, do the best for humanity, nature, and the virus so that it would calm down. But I am not sure humanity is ready for it.

Now the US will still follow its path anyway. Regarding Europe, I think the path will be different. The attitude toward the population is different there.

Even more so in Israel. Here the government cannot afford to treat the population as it pleases: the most important thing is the economy. Here, concern for people should be in the first place. Nobody would let the government do something for the sake of the state treasury or some economic prosperity statistics.

In Israel, there is a special attitude toward human life. It has always been this way with the Jewish people. That is why if the government makes a mistake and disregards the citizens’ lives, it will be doomed. The people will immediately rise up and replace it. The fact that human life is above everything is deeply ingrained in the nation.

Question: In other words, do you think that in this case, Trump has the right to a risky economic experiment that would not work in Israel?

Answer: I cannot even imagine this in Israel. As far as I know the people there, the government and everything that happens here, it is impossible to even think about it.

Any ruler in Israel, any governing party, and everybody else must constantly proclaim: “We are for human life!” Their criticism toward each other is based on this: Why do they care about people less?
Only we truly care! That is, everything revolves around the importance of human life. This is not the case with Trump. His reasoning is very simple: Competition is competition in everything.
From KabTV’s “The Coronavirus Explodes the Old Economy” 3/26/20

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