Viruses Instead Of The Creator

laitman_961.2The world is gradually taking on a new form. The coronavirus spreading in the world is a result of our not keeping up with the times. We are in the last generation, that is, the first generation, which must undergo correction and rise to the degree of bestowal.

The degree of bestowal is called faith above reason, that is, bestowal is above receiving. Therefore, we need to see to what extent we meet this requirement.

Nature requires greater unity and connection with one another from us, greater closeness, understanding, and sensation of all reality as one integral system where the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature and people exist in a single harmony.

But we do not care about what will happen to the inanimate, plant, and animal world, and with the environment in which we live at all. This means that we are not becoming similar to the integral form in which all four forms of nature exist in a single symbiosis.

The internal engine of reality continues to work and gradually moves us toward the ultimate connection with one another. But we are not moving at this speed, and therefore, over and over again we feel the negative reaction of nature in all forms. It can be viruses, that is, a reaction at the animate level, or a reaction at the vegetative and inanimate levels.

It is a pity that mankind does not yet understand how to move toward an integral form where all parts of nature are connected together and all four levels are gradually come together as a single system in which the Creator can be revealed as the common force of correction acting in us.

We must provide Him with a place to be revealed in. The more we unite, the sooner we will see that as a result of the network of connections we have built, the Creator comes and reveals Himself.

While the Creator is hidden, we ask Him to unite all parts of nature—inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human—into the correct, integral form. Even partially realizing this unification, we already feel how the Creator reveals Himself inside this nature. After all, the Creator is the power of unity and love, and the more we move toward unity, the more we can reveal the Creator.

In the meantime, instead of the Creator, we come upon viruses. This is a sign that humanity is developing incorrectly. The Creator awakens the desire to know Him, understand, and reveal Him in us. But to reveal the Creator as the power of unity and bestowal is possible only to the extent that we connect all the broken parts into one system in order to discover our mutual connection and see the power of devotion and love between us.

There is no way out, we must bring the whole world to a unified form and realize the principle of love for one’s neighbor as oneself—the main law of the whole universe, bound by all its particles. As a result of this unity, we will reveal the power of love and connection, that is, the Creator. If we do not enact this at the right speed, then because of our laziness and lagging behind, we open between us instead of love—a coronavirus.

The virus moves us away from one another, showing our deficiency and unwillingness to get closer. With this blow, it heals us and tells us what to do. The virus costs us a lot of money and a lot of suffering and even sometimes kills, but it still leads us to correction. Let’s hope that we will not just suffer from the virus, but will gain an understanding of how it helps us by showing us where to invest our forces, how to achieve connection, and how to join both internal and external unity in order to bring them into balance.

The coronavirus says: “You cannot connect and physically approach each other if there is no internal connection between you.” Soon we will understand, discover, and feel it. There can be no difference between the material and the spiritual worlds—all this is one integral system. There is no difference between this world and the future world. Therefore, in all relations between us, we must discern the same degree of distance that the coronavirus requires of us, and accordingly respond by correcting our relations. If we get closer together internally, we will be able to come closer to the same extent externally.

The coronavirus heals and explains to us where our breakage is and that we need to be friendly and internally close. Then the outside world will also be corrected and become good. The virus requires us to rise over the force of receiving, egoism, to the force of bestowal, which means to rise to faith above reason so that the power of bestowal becomes higher than the power of receiving. Thus, we acquire the nature of the Creator and merge with Him. At the end of correction all will rise to faith above reason, to mutual bestowal, and will be united into one system.

There will be no exception, not a single person will not feel what the nature of the Creator is, the nature of bestowal and faith.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/29/20, “Concerning Above Knowledge”

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