The Coronavirus Is A Result Of Mutual Hatred

laitman_260.01To establish order in the world, we need to connect with each other so that the light of the Creator will be revealed between us, filling our connection with the upper light. Through our connection with all the inhabitants of this world, we will bring them the light of the Creator, which will illuminate the entire world.

Then the world, instead of being afraid of the coronavirus and staying away from each other, will be able to connect through beautiful, good connections, both between people and with the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, that is, with the environment.

The entire world would rise to a new degree of connection and correction. Through this integral connection and the feeling of integral nature, the world will attain the single force that governs and arranges everything in our lives. In this way, the whole world will come closer to feeling and attaining the Creator.

This process is already happening . If we do not understand the first soft hints in the form of the coronavirus, then next time it will be revealed in a much more terrible form. We should not wait for that. The coronavirus is still acting very gently, threatening us with an epidemic to keep us from unnecessary activities that only destroy nature.

However, next time, an epidemic could wipe out half of humanity, affecting every home. If we do not learn from today’s experience with the coronavirus and think only about how to return to hair salons and hotels, we will get a stronger warning from nature.

The coronavirus makes it clear that we must change our behavior toward each other, between people, and toward all inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature. In the end, we must put our life on earth in order.

It is obvious to everyone that our life is not the best and needs to be corrected. So let’s change it and not go back to the old one. Now, when we return to normal life after the quarantine, let’s organize our relations a little differently, make them more corrected, do less harm to each other, and less damage to the environment. Even before the epidemic, we were saying that it would be worth changing ourselves, so let’s do it.

Let’s think about what useful conclusions can be drawn from the experience of the epidemic, what lessons can we learn? How should we change? Maybe we can find the reason for the epidemic and make sure it does not happen again. If we have made a few positive changes, let’s not lose them. We will slightly change our family, school, work, and will eliminate unnecessary businesses that produce redundant products.

So far, I do not see that there is a change in people’s minds. Leaders do not understand what is happening and try to return to the previous state by any means. Of course, they are more cautious now, but they do not know what to do.

This is not ill-will but simply narrow-mindedness, inability to understand the changes occurring in nature that caused the coronavirus. And there are many other viruses after this one that are waiting for us if we do not start to change.

We see that egoists cannot unite: not in a disintegrating Europe, not in China, America, or India. No one can stay in good relations, everyone is against everyone else. And above this general disunion, our group can become a connecting force with one goal of common connection under one slogan, “Connection above separation.”

It does not matter, let the separation remain, we do not deal with it; we only build a connection above it. We do not have to fight against separation because we are all different and hate each other. Let it remain that way, and over this, we want to stretch the threads of love, of connection between us so that all crimes are covered by love. This is our motto with which we go.

Only such a system can control the world because it contains a great human egoism within itself and the upper force of the Creator, a common universal connection. With these two forces, we can do everything because then we contain everything together within ourselves and can control the world by setting an example and disseminating the method of connection.

The coronavirus stays as it is, we do not touch it. We need to observe the rules of social distancing that the coronavirus has set for us, that is, two meters apart and home quarantine. Yet, at the same time, we develop an internal connection between us until our internal unity destroys all viruses. After all, the virus is a result of our mutual hatred.

In our world, there is nothing but the will to receive, which is inseparable from hatred for others, and the will to bestow, which generates love for one’s neighbor. The coronavirus is the result of hatred that manifests itself in such a biological form, as a virus.

Let’s reduce the hatred between us a little, or at least realize that it exists and want to get rid of it. This very desire will already confine hatred and on the same day, we will see how we are cured of the virus. This is what the world’s leaders should be doing today.
From a Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/20, “Concerning Faith Above Reason”

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