New Life After The Quarantine

laitman_600.04In returning to normal life after the quarantine, we must be sure that we are coming to a new form of existence while preserving the integrity of the world and its internal union.

And if we do not want to maintain such an external form and each one continues to care only about his personal wellbeing, his own country, and building his happiness on the misfortune of others, then, of course, we will never achieve peace in the world. We will harm each other and, in the end, all of these problems will return to us like boomerangs.

Therefore, we will see how the desires of the US, China, and Europe to use each other and think only of their own benefit will turn against them in the very near future. One can already see how the desire to use China and squeeze all the resources out of it has helped it build a powerful and rich country.

But, if now, it does not begin to think of the whole world as though it were relating to one country, to one integral world—if any state comes out of the correct connection with the rest—it will completely collapse.

We are entering a system called the “last generation;” a united, integral humanity. And therefore, anyone who does not correctly use the integral form that is being revealed now and does not perceive the world as one country, one people, will lose. The more any country separates itself from the rest, the more it will lose.

Why did the Europeans build a common market? In order to be able to confront Russia and China, not at all in order to ensure equal prosperity for all of the states of the European Union and to serve as an example of unification for the whole world.

Initially, they had such wonderful dreams, but then they scattered. Every country is selfish. But when we begin to make connections with the goal of opposing others, this is already a very serious crime, doomed to result in big blows from the side of nature.

In our time, we will not get away with this like we did before, nature will beat us.

The coronavirus was the first general blow to hit the whole world. If we do not start to treat the world as one common family, we will face big problems.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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