Coronavirus: Nature Will Cope With Us

laitman_543.02Question: If the mortality rate from the virus is at 3 to 5%, maybe it is more correct to let these 3 to 5% die? Meaning, to not stop all the processes, and send the whole world into quarantine, thereby causing a protracted crisis that could be scarier and worse than the death of 3 to 5% of the population.

Answer: I would not associate one with the other. I look at the world in a completely different way. On one hand, there is a disease that the virus causes: a violation of the proper functioning of the human body. And then the person dies.

And on the other hand, there is the fear that this disease causes in humans. At the same time, people, out of fear, hide in their homes, and move further from each other. From the viewpoint of the upper governance, one is not related to the other.

On the one hand, the virus was sent, on the other hand, it is accompanied with fear. That’s it. But maybe fear alone would have been enough without a virus? No, there must be some reason.

And it also makes no sense to send the virus without fear. For what? Therefore, it is done with a combination of one with the other. Moreover, these are two completely different systems in nature: problems that cause fear and panic, and then problems that cause disease.

What is good in fear and panic? They stop humanity from absolutely unnecessary, ugly economic, political, and material development.

Here at this point people can shake themselves and think: “What am I doing? What do I need this for?” Involuntarily,  50 to 70% of the products we produce are unnecessary. So we will stop and not do that.

Now, when a lot of families are staying at home, let’s look at our family and think about where our children spent time, what they did. And when did the family all get together at home? When did they sit together? Now all of a sudden they begin to draw closer somehow. At first they sit in separate rooms, in different corners, as they are used to, by themselves. And later they begin to speak with each other, even play something together. After all, there is the time and there is an opportunity.

See how much it changes everything? Our world is changing! Therefore, I am saying that the virus is actually good. It will shake all of humanity.

If we had continued all this time to pour smoke into the sky, then a lot more people would die from that than from the virus. You say: “The virus claimed a thousand people.” But from the air pollution that we would have created during these days, many more people would have died. Let’s look at things a little more globally and you will see that completely different calculations can be made here.

And if you look a little ahead, you can understand that having refused, with the help of this virus, unnecessary production, unnecessary connections, flights, and all other things, maybe like a kind mother we’ll help our good old Earth to bloom, tender and soft. What’s so bad about that? Why are you looking at the world with such a narrow view?

Embrace the whole system more openly. Understand that the force that ennobles your world makes you shake yourself up: “Think, with what are you so busy?!” This is what our wise virus is doing. In nature nothing is done in vain. Everything is just to bring us people to the right interconnection, to kind relations, so that we can realize our egoism as evil and transform it into good. And it will be done. I assure you.

Nature is stronger than us. You see how it can make us stand up, like a dog on its hind legs. And we are ready. When I look at how humanity today is reacting to the virus, I begin to believe that possibly this humanity may have a good, kind future, that nature will cope with us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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