Protection Against Fears

laitman_565.02Fear that grips and paralyzes a person now is caused not by today’s situation, but by thoughts about what might happen next. But do not worry too much; we are all under the control of an upper force, and everything will go according to its plan. And it has nothing to do with religion. A religious person doesn’t ask about the meaning of life, he has no doubts what to do. The science of Kabbalah awakens questions in us, which are not in religion.

There is no need to worry about something that might happen because it is not us who determine events, but the general force of nature. Where it directs us, there we will go. And such an attitude, which is not naivety or fanaticism, gives us an inner protection, which frees us from the fear of the unknown.

Everything is clarified only in thought. A man lives inside of his thoughts. Now in almost everyone there is an intense spinning whirlpool of thoughts and fears about the future, which haunt one day and night. And the only way to protect ourselves is to cling to the program of creation, which leads humanity on to the highest stage, so we will understand and feel what we are living for, why we are developing, and what the goal is that we are heading toward.

And then everyone will calm down with this goal and everybody will be fine. Everything will be clarified only in thought, so sit calmly and think. Visit our science of Kabbalah website, start reading what is written there. There is no need to memorize or remember anything, simply try to feel it, realize it, and sense it through the heart and mind in order to develop the human in yourself.

The human in us is what identifies itself with nature, with a higher thought, a higher program, the upper force. Nature is the Creator, it includes everything. Try to develop such feelings and thoughts in yourself to feel this nature around you, to know the Creator. Try to come out of yourself and connect with the whole universe, with this thought that encompasses the entire universe.

Then we will see why all this is happening. After all, we are not little bugs crawling on the ground, but humans from whom nature wants to make something great, to give us an opportunity to understand it and to connect with it. This is an amazing opportunity!

A virus is not a disease, but a medicine. Look how many changes it has already brought to the world: the air has become cleaner and fresher and people are not being poisoned while working in factories that pollute the atmosphere, soil, and water.

It is reported that due to the quarantine, the water in Venice’s canals has been cleared enough that fish have even re-entered it. The Earth wants to live, just do not interfere with it. And you are worrying about what will happen to you in a month. Don’t be afraid, everything will settle. Just precede the blow with the medicine. Visit our website, you will find many explanations of how to first of all calm down. I wish you all the best.
From KabTV’s “A New Life 1214” 3/19/20

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