Why Do You Want To Live Like This?

laitman_249.01Humanity is in a complete panic because of the coronavirus, which forces us to stop all production, all trade, it paralyzes and blocks entire countries. But an ordinary person thinks about his family first, about his children and how to feed them tomorrow. He is mostly concerned about how to survive. And this is the reason why the world agrees to freeze, as if saying, “First, we will take care of life, and then we will restore industry and production.”

But who does my fate depend on? How can it be influenced; how can you guarantee a good future for yourself? If we knew the answers to these questions, then we would probably calm down a bit.

This question arises in everyone because we are primarily animals. There are only three levels in nature: inanimate, vegetative, and animate. And the human species belong to the animate level, only we are more developed. Therefore, first of all, we need food, just like animals. It is written: “If there is no bread, there is no Torah.” Food is essential for life.

But in the situation with the coronavirus, nature apparently wants to teach us something and asks us a question from a different perspective: “What do you want to live by? Just by the instinct of self-preservation like all other species? That is not enough.”

Animal species can live like this without having to worry about anything else. But us humans should start asking what we live for. And this is already a problem.

And so, the coronavirus comes as a bitter medicine and asks: “What are you living for? Do not rush to answer, think. And I will help you: I will cancel all the false activities that you came up with, which is 90% of all your doing. It is 90% of everything you produced, sold, and threw away, depleting our planet’s resources. You worked for each other so you could sell and buy all the time, just to toss it away in the end.”

The whole planet has become a landfill. We built a system that produces things to throw away so that we have something to do. We cannot exist without working this way. But suddenly, the coronavirus comes and stops us so that we can no longer run to sell and buy. As if it asks, “And what will you do now? Think about why you were doing all that and you will see that there was no benefit in it. It is time for you to think about another kind of life, about its meaning, about what you are living for.”

You cannot build a system that operates like a conveyor belt where everyone produces and produces and produces, only to have the last one in line throw it all away so that the system would start producing again and throwing it away in the end. There is no need for such work. The main question is what do we live for? Until you answer it, sit at home and contemplate.”

Look how nature, lovingly and with care, like a mother or a father, as a loving parent wants the child to think about life and to learn. If you are sitting now and only worrying about what you will eat tomorrow, let us think more globally. After all, you are not the only one who is sitting there not knowing what to do, and realizing that this is exactly what humanity needs.

Therefore, I am not afraid of this virus. We have hope. If we come with an answer as to what we live for, we will continue our existence. And if we are unable to find the answer to this question, then there is no need to continue. After all, I should continue my evolution like the human being I am. Thinking about the meaning of life is a special quality of humans. And if I live without such a question, just for the sake of existence, then my questions are on an animal level.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1214 Coronavirus. How to Deal with Fear?” 3/19/20

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