The Coronavirus Will Bind Us Together

laitman_245.10Comment: Over the past 70 years, the entire financial system has been built on the fact that there is one world currency, the dollar, and all other currencies are actually tied to it: prices of oil, natural resources, computers, everything. All our calculations are tied to the dollar.

My Response: Frankly, I do not know what will change. Will there be gold instead of the dollar? Anyway, they will do something.

Comment: Now there are studies of alternative options taking into account the very large isolation of countries from each other. Such national isolation of countries was predicted before even without the virus.

We see that the European Union practically does not exist. Each country makes its own decisions. The same thing is happening all over the world. By the way, even in the US, governors of each state make their own decisions in relation to the situation.

And what happens? If the currencies of the whole world are depreciating, then, say, China and several neighboring countries, including Russia, want to create their own currency economic zone relying on their own economic potential in order to introduce the third world currency after the euro. And then the whole world will balance between several economic and financial centers.

Is it good for the world? Will it cope with this? Or do we still need to stay within the framework of one single monetary system? What is your point of view in this regard?

My Response: My point of view is very simple: nothing will help the world.

Nothing will help! Because all these confrontations run counter to the general law of nature—the integral connection of all humanity in a common integral system.

By means of all sorts of problems, viruses, and downfalls in all kinds of areas, nature will anyway force us to accept the general plan. And this plan is simple: You are one single humanity, and you must create one single system. You cannot conceal yourself, hide yourself, from each other, and use each other.

If rulers of the world understand this and begin to more or less move toward this, then the one who will move more, will win. Such is the upper government of mankind on the side of nature.

It changes qualitatively; it forces us to be integrally united in one single system. Those who will be more similar to this system, will benefit. This is what Kabbalah says. I think we will see this in the near future.

But on the other hand, what is happening is commendable. Imagine that there were no such closed system, that there were no understanding of what was happening in the neighboring countries, what would China do with its people who were hit by this virus? It would abandon them until they all die.

Question: And in this way it showed the world an example of how to effectively succeed using large resources of the country?

Answer: Of course. It has kind of rehabilitated itself in front of the world.

Comment: Despite the fact that we are all connected with each other, the process of separation of each country and the construction of its own models is taking place now.

My Response: The coronavirus will bind us together anyway. This virus is a positive force that connects absolutely everyone. Until we get to complete mutual connection, mutual assistance, and mutual understanding, the virus will simply torture us.

Question: What would you wish for people who are now in completely different countries locked within their state borders? What can be offered to them so that they can feel that their current state is not just pessimistic or unpleasant, but enables a person to do something new in his life?

Answer: I would certainly advise them to watch all our programs and reveal the science of Kabbalah in any form, in any language. And then people will find out that there is a method that talks about the general system of the world, about how we can get to the very best, comfortable, safe, and confident state.

We are open to all. Please, use what Kabbalah has been saying for thousands of years. You will find out that there is a real system of recovery, the correction of all of humanity from its egoism and the renewal of all of humanity to the very best state.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality,” 3/26/20

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