Coronavirus Is Cleansing Humanity

laitman_962.2Question: Is the coronavirus an individual or general governance of the Creator?

Answer: Coronavirus is the manifestation of the general governance of the Creator because we have entered a state of development called the “last generation.” I would clarify it by calling it the last egoistic generation that must rise from the egoistic level of development to the altruistic.

Question: It says that everything in the world happens for the benefit of man. Do you feel that the virus came for your benefit?

Answer: I feel that the virus is a blessing that is cleansing the whole of humanity. Our world was like hell, and now we are going through purgatory. The next step is paradise when we are fully united with each other through kind connections, which will be the final form of human existence.

Question: Which inner changes did the virus bring about into your life?

Answer: It caused the restructuring of communication with my students. I see how this is for the better. Now I am connected with them in a more equal way.

Before I had 300 to 400 physical students and the rest were virtual. The virus made all my students virtual. I am speaking to you now from my office, and I am glad to continue conducting my lessons this way for the remaining years. Let the students, of which there are millions, listen to me through the Internet systems.
From KabTV’s “CoronavirusIs Changing Reality” 3/26/20

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