Man Is A Product Of Nature

Laitman_507.03Question: There is an opinion that the world will not return to its former state. There will be no tourism in previous volumes. Fashion, sports, art, too, are likely to change. It is said that moving across countries will be very difficult due to medical checks. A person will have to prove that he is healthy, and only then he would be allowed into some country. Naturally, health information will be transparent to everyone. But since we are an egoistic society, it may be used not for the most benevolent purposes.

Imagine that developed countries would have information, say, about some ruler of a third world country: all his illnesses, mental disorders, sexual adventures, etc. Naturally, if such a person were up for election, can you imagine what influence they will have on him? No war is needed. You can understand the possible ways that a ruler might be influenced. Does all this advance humanity to the next stage of development?

Answer: First of all, if we are talking about the next stage, then it will be different, a stage of development, not of degradation. Second, I do not think that a person should be afraid or embarrassed about something.

We are all products of nature. And if we have certain inclinations given to us by nature, we should not particularly hide them. It is just that in our society everything is very exaggerated. What difference is to me who and what you are? How you satisfy yourself, what you eat, and what films you watch are your own business.

I see this as a certain underdevelopment of human society. Why should we pay attention to such things? This is totally personal and human.

Each of us has many different habits that one carries from his mother’s home. After all, you do not share with everyone what exactly you like in food. One prefers frogs, another prefers meat, and the third loves dairy or only vegetables.

Question: So, do you see any problems with the fact that there is such diversity of our qualities?

Answer: I think that a person should pay attention to his spiritual development. What his animal body is drawn to does not matter. It is created by nature and is not subject to change. Therefore, one must be above this; separate the physical body from the eternal soul and tend only to it. Give the animal body what it needs and no more.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality” 3/26/19

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