There Is No Going Back

laitman_961.2Opinion: If we wait until the virus goes away and return to our previous lives, can we cause an additional, stronger blow with this action? Many people believe the epidemic is about to pass.

Answer: I do not think this pandemic will go away just like that. It is possible that it will not correct humanity at once. We need the individual, rational, and conscious participation of people, countries, nations, and the world.

But I am sure that we are now on the right track. Finally the century called the last generation has begun  when humanity is starting to seriously sober up from the wrong, selfish, childish relationships toward each other, the world, and nature. We have a good future ahead of us. It will no longer be possible to return to the life we used to have. No way!

Question: Why do you think so?

Answer: Because people will already be different. Nature will change them. These blows will make them slightly different. They will no longer impulsively jump on a plane and fly around the world to buy some foolish things in exotic countries or something like that. They will be interested in a more in-depth attitude toward nature and toward themselves.

Question: You say that this virus saved nature from our consumer attitude to it. And indeed, there are clear facts confirming that nature is beginning to purify itself. But all these natural resources were used by a small group of people for their own prosperity, and ordinary people had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, these blows are delivered to everyone. So why do we have to pay for the deeds of others?

Answer: We are all in one system. And nature punishes us according to our involvement. So you cannot say that the one who lost billions is less affected than the one who lost his monthly salary. The one who lost billions, of course, does not starve, but his suffering is incomparable with the one who lost only a monthly salary.

Someday, when we open our eyes and see the whole picture of nature, we will understand how fair this is and that it leads us only to a proper awareness of our states and correct behavior. In short, we have a very interesting journey ahead of us. And every day, nature fine-tunes us more and more for a new attitude toward ourselves, toward the world, life, death, toward everything. I hope that humanity will grow up in many aspects from this supposed blow. We will see that this is not a blow but a cure. In fact, what we consider a disease, a virus, is actually a cure.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus changes reality,” 3/19/20

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