My Thoughts On Twitter 5/7/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Only by understanding the reason for the torments will we be able to correct them.
Medicine will not cure us of the coronavirus and won’t remedy the cause of the disease—our incongruence to the Creator.

The real medicine is to ask the Creator for the force to promote us from disunity to unity.
This is the only way in which we will cure ourselves.

An equal distribution of the fruits of society’s labor necessitates a new social mindset that stems from realizing that we exist as parts of one common soul. This needs to be explained and shown. Otherwise viruses and other blows will keep teaching us without interruption driving us “toward happiness with a stick.”

International Labour Organization: The #coronavirus may result in 2 billion #unemployed workers. Feeding these 2 billion is possible by organizing work and distributing the fruits of labor among everyone. The governing principle would be optimal production and distribution.
In an integral society, man will feel good and comfortable.

The #pandemic is global and aims to make us global, integrally connected, like all of nature aside from man and his ego, which ruins everything. Nature’s blows are showing us the path of correct development. As soon as we begin walking it, nature will start helping us. If not, crises loom ahead!
From Twitter, 5/7/20

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