“When Will The Coronavirus Go Away Already?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: When will the coronavirus go away already?

As scientists frantically search for a vaccine to cure the coronavirus, would a vaccine really heal us from this pandemic, or are we missing something here?

I have written and spoken extensively about how, at a deeper level, the coronavirus emerged in order to calm down our egostic-competitive relations that were becoming increasingly harmful both to ourselves and to our ecology.

The coronavirus surfaced in order for us to revise the way we relate to each other.


Revising the way we relate to each other doesn’t mean learning how to interact virtually through conference software like Zoom, but learning how to see other people—no matter where they live in the world or what their cultural background is—as parts of a single global family that includes us all as its members.

If we take steps to upgrade our awareness of our global interdependence during this period, then we will reach a state where we will be ready to move on from the coronavirus. Then, when our attitudes become better adjusted to today’s globally interdependent reality, the coronavirus will indeed become a thing of the past.

Otherwise, even if the coronavirus goes away, if we make no improvements in human connection, nature will strike at us with other blows. Whether mutations of the same virus, or myriad other disasters, nature will not stop trying to wake us up to improve our connections to each other.

Nature is fundamentally an altruistic force that creates, gives and sustains life. We humans are built of an opposite quality to nature’s, one of wanting constantly to receive for our personal benefit.

The more we develop, the more nature tries to wake us up to realize that by merely following our instincts to selfishly benefit from each other, we end up harming one another. Also, we gain awareness of our happiness, well-being and survival depending on how much we can bring our connections closer to nature’s altruistic form.

Doing so requires regular learning of how we can be balanced parts of nature’s interdependent and interconnected system.

Nature, like a loving parent, was holding our hands while we, like a baby learning to walk, walked along, thinking we were doing fine. Now nature let go of our hands, and we fell over. We now have a chance to pick ourselves up and start making our own steps to become more mature, or we could simply stay lying on the ground, crying and waiting to be picked up again.

Picking ourselves up means that we develop more awareness of our interdependence, and upgrade our connections to be mutually beneficial. If we do so, we will also find how the virus will disappear, and we will continue with much better lives.

Letting nature pick us up means that we make no strides in improving our connections, and through whatever means, whether through vaccines or other means, we come out of the coronavirus for the time being, and we can then expect a greater blow to inflict us into yet another global shock until we wake up to our interdependence.

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