The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 1

laitman_272Over time, fears associated with the coronavirus pandemic are shifting from the health-related issues to the problems of unemployment and lack of food supplies. Many businesses will not survive the crisis caused by the coronavirus because there will no longer be any demand for them.

Humanity is changing; it is beginning to consider many old habits to be excessive luxuries. The UN World Food Program Council fears that the coronavirus will lead to global hunger on an unprecedented scale, as in biblical prophecies. And at the same time, the rich get even richer at the expense of everyone else.

The style of work is changing with the shift to even greater automation, energy prices are drastically falling, and the future is bringing fear and uncertainty. What is happening with the labor market and where is it headed?

The coronavirus is a force, albeit biological, which has caused great changes in us. Where does it lead us, toward what is it pushing human society? The virus makes us understand that we live in an integral society and are connected to each other.

It does not allow us to get close to each other due to the danger of transmitting harmful particles, viruses, that can infect us with a deadly disease. This is how the virus is showing us that our connections are not good, but if we fix them, we can once again live without restrictions.

Otherwise, we are unlikely to be able to return to normal life. Of course, we will try to come up with the cure for the virus in order to be able to have contact with each other as before, but it will not work.

I think that humanity will have to advance to its common, global, integral form, to the right kind of connections. Thus, nature will keep influencing us in such a way that will oblige us to realize and organize good connections between us.

Today, such a connection is already expected of us. We can try to trick nature by staying home, wearing masks, etc. But newer disturbances will be revealed until we finally understand that we must change our interrelations.

And to the extent that we change them, turn them from egoistic to altruistic and friendly, to this extent will we be able to be in contact with each other, conduct business, and earn money from each other. Our livelihood must be based on good connections rather than on selfish gain.

At the beginning of the 20th century, humanity had to live through a similar epidemic with the Spanish flu, which claimed many human lives. It also resulted in many societal changes, but it didn’t lead to such quarantine or isolation as the coronavirus has.

The big difference here is the fact that today humanity is receiving a global blow, virtually instantaneously, the epidemic has spread all over the world, sparing no country or nation. The virus is showing us that we are connected as one body. This was never the case with earlier epidemics.

We live in the new era called “the last generation,” the last egoistic generation, which must correct itself and live in kind connections as one family. And the very first thing that the coronavirus is showing us is that the whole world is one family. It may not be so clear to us, but in the next few years we will realize it. We will be able to avoid and defend against such forces of nature.

The same coronavirus has so many various consequences, which are yet to be revealed, that we should not take lightly. It is best to comply with its demands. The virus is telling us: “Start treating each other well, like one family, and I will not have to come and show you how selfish and distant you are from each other.”

The quarantine leads to unrest and tensions in society that can result in economic collapse. The epidemic deprives the world of stability and basic safety. If we do not establish good relations, that is, if we fail to solve the problem at its root, then we face an economic crisis across the board because we are connected by total dependence.

In the end, we could reach world war, which is laid in the program of nature. Nature does not know pity; it is a system of laws, and if we do not respond today and do not comply with the requirements of nature, even more powerful forces will come and compel us to work on our correction until we unite within human society as integrally as all other levels of nature: inanimate, vegetative, and animate.

A person living on earth treats his fellow humans worse than vicious wolves. And nature does not agree with this. As we are advancing, we must realize that only kind connections between us can attract good forces that will help us move forward.

By the way, wolves treat each other very well. It is we who think that a wolf is worse than man. It is a common misconception.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives” 5/1/20

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