Redefining Our Selves

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/9/20

The coronavirus will impel us to reevaluate everything. First, it demonstrated how much we really need each other—by denying us physical contact and sending us to stay home. Next, it highlighted the imperfections of the economy—how unfit it is to sustain the people it is meant to sustain, how the top financial tier profiteer on the backs of everyone else, and how vital food products are thrown to the trash to keep their prices high, while more than 20 percent of American households are going hungry.

The social crisis that will unquestionably ensue will make us rethink everything. We will reevaluate relationships, work, and social values. If, until recently, we regarded ostentatious rich people as successful, we will begin to appreciate people who contribute to society. The daily applaud to health care workers on the frontline of the battle against COVID-19 is an example of this trend. The more we understand that our happiness does not depend on emulating people who boast in their self-centeredness, but on people who work hard to contribute to society, the more we will want to be like them.

It may be a hard and painful lesson to learn, but the coronavirus is gradually teaching us how to be more caring, compassionate, and, eventually, happy. COVID-19 is making us redefine our selves.

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