On The Threshold Of A New Society

laitman_269We are on the threshold of a completely new society, a society the Kabbalists wrote about.

Today, we are witnessing the fact that nature is rebelling. It no longer wants to deal with evil people. It must bring them to balance with itself, and we resist. Accordingly, to this extent, nature must correct us by negative reactions. This is exactly what we feel upon ourselves.

All viruses are intended to bring us back to some state of balance. If we understand this, then we will easily correct ourselves and the system in we exist in together on Earth. Thus, we will get a completely different humanity. I hope we will discover this in the shortest possible time, maybe even in a year and a half. It is unlikely that it will happen sooner.

If we want to explain in every possible manner how humanity should behave and what the correct response to the coronavirus is, then we can literally do it in that period of time. Still, it will not happen until the coronavirus goes around the globe and everyone sees how much power it has over us.

People will understand that it was we who caused it through our uncorrected relationships and our bad attitude to nature and people; we will begin to wonder how to correct this. Only then will the coronavirus disappear. We must go through all the stages of the revelation of evil, its correction, and the manifestation of good.

I really hope that we will witness this very soon.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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