The Path To Correction Depends On Us, But It Is Not Short

Laitman_632.4These days, humanity is in turmoil, not knowing how to perceive the special state we find ourselves in. It seems to us that it depends on those who hold power and money, the governments, the army, and the mafia.

However, we need to understand that, in fact, they have no influence. Everything is determined only by the relations between people. If we raise the importance of connection and unity, then all of humanity rises, and if we lower it, then we all fall.

Therefore, we should not wait to hear in the news which government came to power; rather, we should check through our own relations, who we elect and who we remove. We should be engaged not in politics, but only in connecting people.

The entire world is within us, and it is necessary to bring unity and connection to all these opposing forces that are supposedly pulling each one in its own direction, not only the development of this world, but the entire reality, including the upper system, the upper world.

The entire reality must take part in the integral connection and work concertedly in order to reveal within its relations the form of the upper force, which is the crown (the highest Sefira Keter) and governs everything. If we organize the reality within us in this way, we force all the opposing forces of nature to start working together and moving the world toward connection.

These forces will appear to us as opposing each other, clashing with and hating each other, supposedly unable to reach any compromise or connection. Each will try to take control over the others.

However, this is exactly the sign of the development of reality in which all the contradictions are added. There can be no light without darkness and no good without evil, and vice versa. All forces must work according to their nature but in one direction.

Each force operating in the general system must understand that it can only work according to its nature, and therefore must not resist it and only perform its function. It is necessary to arrange all the forces so that each of them supports the others and all of them are directed to the revelation of the upper force.

The path to correction is not short, but it depends on how much we try to accelerate it without waiting for time to do its work. We need to be smart and patient and accept what is happening without panic, but with wisdom, knowing that whatever is going to happen will happen.

There is an upper Ruler in the world who controls everything; our task is only to help Him. Our help is very important, but it is the Creator who begins creation and He finishes it.

Our strength is in the fact that we are many and we are very different, but we are ready to be together as one man with one heart. We agree to connect in order to make the upper force a ruler in our world that will be revealed in the entire reality. Therefore, the main thing is to continue on the same path, regardless of one’s moods. We just need to know that we have to do everything in our power and thus advance.

We should be less impressed by news headlines because we see that governments themselves do not understand what is happening and they themselves are getting sick not knowing what will happen tomorrow. Obviously, they do not have a new program and they hope to return everything to the old, pre-viral times when they were strong and rich. However, this will not work.

Although countries have already begun to move toward equitable distribution in order to provide everyone with what they need in this critical state. It will be interesting to see how the powerful people of this world will later try to “correct” this state and restore the system of industry and trade again, and the Creator will  correct them with His own forces.

After all, correction lies only in the connection between people. If we disseminate through this connection, we will come to the healthiest state, the most balanced with the surrounding nature, which requires only this balance from us.

Nature is expecting humanity to consume only what is necessary for a normal life and to direct all its other forces to the revelation of the upper world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/20, Selected Highlights

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