The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 3

laitman_250The International Labor Organization published that the coronavirus could eliminate half of the jobs, leaving almost two billion people unemployed. How do we feed two billion families with no means?

If we organize the work correctly and distribute the fruits of labor among all fairly, there will be enough for everyone. Living in an integral society a person will feel good and comfortable.

But if we fail to do so, we will be attacked by viruses again that force us to sit at home in quarantine and claim more human lives, until we agree that it is better to share with others in order to stay alive. Learning this will be very difficult.

Unrest has begun in many countries: banks are burning in Lebanon, armed demonstrations are taking place in the United States. There is a growing danger of an outbreak of violence. Egoism fuels rage, no wonder Americans have bought up all the weapons in gun stores.

Now they will take to the streets and settle their scores, first of all with the government. Based on the huge sums of money that, with the government’s blessing, pass into the pockets of the super-rich, there will be a serious upheaval.

Clearly, the even division of goods requires a new, socially progressive mindset that needs to be instilled. Everyone needs to clearly see that unless we get closer to each other and become kinder, we will need to distance ourselves further from each other and receive serious blows and catastrophes, natural as well as man-made.

What can compel people to think in a more general, integrative way and to feel our dependency on each other? In the face of suffering, ailments, and death, everyone will be ready to listen and confirm that our world is integral, closed, with no place to hide. Therefore, we also have to behave this way with each other for everyone to be equal and feel as part of one common family.

There is no reason to hope for the coronavirus to disappear. If not for this virus, another will come and bring us to the point of having to engage the common integral oneness of nature just like the still, vegetative, and animal levels do today.

Epidemiologists predict this pandemic will last at least another year-and-a-half to two years. So the coronavirus is here to stay, and if not, another virus will come, no better than the last.

Humanity will still have to quell its egoism and adopt a more round form of society where everyone is equal and supportive of each other instead of pulling toward their own side and trying to squeeze more out of the government for their own needs. This will only foster the appearance of newer, more vicious viruses.

I am very optimistic about this because the blows help us think. We see how the world has come to a halt in the face of danger. New viruses will unite us even more and show us the path toward correct connection, toward the mutual integral system. When the system of our connections becomes good and correct, all the viruses will turn from harmful to beneficial. Good luck to us!
From KabTV’s program “Global Perspectives: The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 3,” 5/1/20

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