From The Depths Of Nature

Laitman_182.02Question: There is a category of people who are adherents of various conspiracy theories, believing that all viruses do not appear in nature, but in the laboratories of the Pentagon, and have their own special goals in the political and economic arena.

How do you explain to such people about connection, integrality, about the fact that each of us should change in this system?

Answer: Usually I don’t appeal to such people. I understand where they got these thoughts from and do not blame them. It comes from the depths of nature. Such thoughts about America, and even more so about the Jews, Israel, about global conspiracy and secrecy are inside human nature.

This comes from the fact that a group of people, who call themselves “Israel,” meaning those “aimed directly to the Creator,” have an understanding of the integrality of the world. They kept thinking about it, talking, and developing this technique. It’s called Kabbalah.

And mankind did not want to accept it, because it forced them to rise above its egoism, above its nature. Therefore, it was divided into two parts: Those who aspire to the integrality of the world, the revelation of a good, perfect state of nature and society, and to everyone else who is ready to listen only to their egoism and do what it dictates to them.

You see what they write in the newspapers and how they think. Let them stay like that, let the virus do its job.

And we will talk about the integrity of the world, through a special closed structure of which we can excite the good forces of nature, and people will start to think differently.

I wish you good luck so the virus passes you through the air, not fall on anyone, and not cling to you. Be healthy! Let’s think about each other, that we all want to enlighten the world and thus, raise it to a spiritual state.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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