My Thoughts On Twitter 5/15/20

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The animate state is the best one because from it, we rise to the human degree. I now find myself on the animate degree—this is a sign that I have finished working through my previous “human” state and I’ve corrected it. I descend to the animate state in order to elevate myself
once again.

If I don’t feel any connection with the friends in the 10, any need for the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Creator, unity, and the spiritual path, and my only wish is to sleep, like an animal, then I must accept, with faith above reason that I received this state from the Creator. This is Him playing with me!

One, loyal connection should dwell in the 10. I cannot turn to the Creator unless I connect to 9 friends, 9 parts of the desire, through which I can turn to the Creator, receive from Him. Without them I am unable even to aim for the Creator!

It seems as if the friends are outside, beyond me. But there is nothing on the outside—these are all my inner qualities. I see them outside in relation to my one quality, which I deem my “self.” I must unite with the seemingly external qualities, so they will become my own.
From Twitter, 5/15/20

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