My Thoughts On Twitter 5/12/20

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The remedy is the virus itself, it will connect and align us, direct us toward development in similarity to the Creator. The Creator’s blows heal. We live in great times. The one who helps humanity take on a new form builds his soul doing so, and becomes the Creator’s helper.

Leaders do not understand what is happening and, although cautiously, they keep trying to return to the old ways. This is not an evil intention but an inability to think selflessly, to acknowledge the changes taking place in society. If we don’t start getting closer, many other viruses await us…

I constantly turn to the Creator and try to hear His answer through the group. All that I feel in the group is the Creator answering me. No matter how I address the Creator or what I ask for, I should look at my friends and see that the Creator answers me every second.

Masks and Satety in Life

The Meaning of Life During The #Coronavirus
The world. The meaning of life with the coronavirus

From Twitter, 5/12/20

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