My Thoughts On Twitter 5/10/20

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The next #virus will teach us to protect not ourselves but others from ourselves. If I infect someone and the virus returns to me, then I’ll get very sick. It will teach me to care about others. This way we may possibly be corrected, learn not to harm others. #caring
#Nature has means to teach us…

Only through gradually closer connections between people, nations, and countries can we defeat the #coronavirus. It’s better to study this principle now before more sophisticated blows come after the coronavirus, as was with the Egyptian plagues that united the Jews and “squeezed” them out of Egypt.

#Coronavirus is the savior of mankind. It is a revelation of the fact that human society is one integral community to the entire world. It cannot be good for some people and bad for others. Societal epiphany! A #virus is not a disaster, but a medicine. It will heal humanity.

In any circumstances, imagine that despite the fact that you feel deficiencies in yourself and in the world, you received it from the Creator and therefore it is good. And all you need now is to accept your condition above what your mind perceives it to be as coming from the Creator which is good!

Do not ask the Creator to correct you: it is impossible and unnecessary! Ask Him to give you “faith above reason”—to be above the egoistic qualities that He created you with, created, so that you would ask not to change them, but to rise above them.

The #coronavirus reshuffles us like a deck of cards causing us to change a little, we will not return to all our old ways. Then it’ll shuffle us a few more times—and perhaps we will change so much that we will begin to feel ourselves in a new, upper world!

The 1st stage of the coronavirus has passed. Now we can look at ourselves from the side. What happened to us? Being imbued with one problem, have we become one humanity? This is not enough, though. The virus won’t let us go until we uncover the true cure —a concern about us all.
From Twitter, 5/10/20

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