My Thoughts On Twitter 5/11/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Imagine that you have ten interlocked gears inside one mechanism; when each turns, everyone with every move. Before turning, I must take into account how this will affect everyone, whether it will be beneficial for them. I’m forbidden to make the slightest movement without taking everyone into account.

The difference between the spiritually driven and materially driven is that the spiritually driven cancels the EGO—the reward of this life, and the materially driven wants to taste both worlds, as the Zohar says: GAV of this world and GAV of the future world. This is evident in their relation to others …

When leaving quarantine, think about what you would like to take with you into the world? How would you like to feel the world you’re entering after the quarantine? Perhaps many agree with you, and you can change the outside world? If we do not change the world now, will the virus come back to us? What do we change ..?
From Twitter, 5/11/20

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