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laitman_760.3How does Kabbalah explain the critical situation with the global coronavirus pandemic that has spread throughout the world today?

Kabbalah is primarily a science that explores nature. As one develops, he learns more about nature. And there is a special stage in the development of man in creation, when he begins to realize that the whole creation—inanimate nature, plants, animals and people—exists as one integral system in which everything is connected with everyone.

If we make our integral connection good, faithful, and supporting one another, we will begin to feel this system and the general program, the general laws of the universe. Thanks to this, we can better understand and comprehend nature.

Kabbalah is a practical science. The stronger the connection we can form and overcome the forces of nature that are trying to increasingly divide us, the better we begin to understand the laws and phenomena of nature and are able to organize a better, deeper, and higher life for ourselves.

We will know what is happening to us and will understand our past and future by rising above life and death and unfolding a complete map of nature, which began to be revealed almost six thousand years ago to the first Kabbalists, who are researchers of nature.

Let’s think about what exactly brought a person from the animate level and separated him from the monkey: human egoism, which makes him exploit everything that he sees to his advantage. The animal lives, consuming only the essentials in order to survive on its own and continue its species, and no more. A man wants to take over everything and rule the whole universe.

In the 21st century and especially recently, our egoism began to grow exponentially, increasing day by day. And so we need the science of Kabbalah, which helps us balance our relations.

Indeed, on one hand, we want to move away from each other more, and on the other hand, to rule over everyone. Therefore, it is precisely in our time that the science of Kabbalah is being revealed, and there is a duty to educate all people about it so that everyone knows how to connect with one another.

Kabbalah gives us the opportunity to attract the positive power of nature because now we are revealing only the negative power. Each repels the rest or uses them for their own benefit.

Kabbalah teaches that a positive force that can be attracted and used in addition to negative power  is hidden in nature. Then, with the help of these two forces, we can work correctly. But we always go along the same left line, as one rail, instead of two.

The science of Kabbalah is being revealed today to help us attract the positive power from nature. We cannot wait for this force to unfold on its own. This will not happen!

Only if we want to be connected and close to one another, to understand our dependence, and begin to work with our mind and heart in a more integrated form, then we will discover the positive power of unity and build new relationships between us, not to the detriment of man, but to his benefit.

The coronavirus epidemic forces us to move further apart. Is this not contrary to the laws of Kabbalah, which call us to get closer? But Kabbalah is a science, like physics, that explains the laws of the world to us. It is between us, you just need to delve into it to understand.

The coronavirus is a reaction of nature to the fact that human society is not able to maintain equilibrium. We want to get closer only in order to use each other even more and in the most ruthless way.

And therefore, a force called the “coronavirus” is revealed, and it moves us away from one another. Already we are awakening such forces in nature that become destructive. If we continue in the same spirit, then humanity will be done away with.

Therefore, the coronavirus stands between us and gives us time and space to think about how to better organize human society and the relations between people, which correspond to the laws of common integral nature. Otherwise, we will destroy everything!
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with David Blumenfeld,” 3/25/20

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