Coronavirus—Nature’s Boomerang

laitman_269Mutual guarantee is a concept familiar to everyone since childhood. We have always been taught that we need to support each other, otherwise we will be lost. But today, mutual guarantee, connection between people, is becoming an unusually enhanced and relevant topic.

The coronavirus epidemic that has swept the world, gives us the opportunity to learn something new about our lives and relationships in the global world. On the other hand, it shows us what power each, even the smallest element of nature, possesses. The world seems so huge, but suddenly it turns out that a tiny virus can plunge it into chaos and darkness.

This shows us what personal responsibility each of us bears before the world in our time so as not to be a pest in it and not to infect others. Think, some simple trader from a Chinese market has made such dramatic changes in the world. This shows the power each of us possess in the global world, and what responsibility lies on each in relation to everyone.

There is a simple law in the science of Kabbalah: The general and the particular are equal. The general is only a collection of private elements, and therefore it depends on each of them. It is impossible to pull even the single smallest element out from the general without destroying the general. Without one particle, it will be flawed because it lacks this part.

Therefore, we look at coronavirus and do not understand how such a microscopic particle has managed to create so many troubles in the world? But in fact, the virus shows us what damage we have done in the entire system at the biological level, the highest level of nature. Above it there are only thoughts and intentions of people.

We must understand that everything starts with the head. Therefore, if there is a breakdown within the biological system, then it is a consequence of a malfunction in the system of thought and desire that are above the biological level. It should be clarified what kind of problems there are in the relationship within a person, with others, with humanity in general, which creates such distortions as viruses at the biological level.

Apparently, there is a problem in our relationships: they are not integral. We have already violated all laws of the integral nature and disallow its normal existence. Therefore, the destruction that we create in nature, where everything must be connected and harmonious, has become so significant that it hit everyone in the form of a virus.

The epidemic really affects everyone because we live in an integral world. And therefore, it doesn’t matter who lives where—everyone has suffered, whether it be a Chinese peasant, a stockbroker in Hong Kong, or an American because we are in a common, connected system.

Once we lived more isolated and depended only on our local area because the world was not global. But today’s world is so integrated that any Chinese village is linked along a chain through a network of trade relations with all of humanity. We are used to the fact that the fate of the world is managed by governments, and suddenly the reins are at the disposal of a tiny virus.

We are all parts of one integrated system called “Adam,” human being, and we depend on each other without exception. And if this system is increasingly showing our dependence and obliging us to improve it, then let’s learn how to fit in this system, or it will be bad for us. Otherwise, new deadly viruses will be revealed every day.

The system indicates that we are required to connect with each other through positive connections. But we need to find out what “positive” means because our egoism considers only that which is beneficial for it to be positive.

In order to find out what is really positive, we need to study the whole system, and then each and everyone together to act to maintain its integrity. Apart from this, nothing is required, only to take care of others, as of oneself.

Between us there must be a global, mutual guarantee, which is higher than any separation and personal goals. Mutual care, positive connection among us is above all, and it must determine all existing individual bonds between us. Mutual guarantee is the highest law in nature, existing only in nature . All other laws and forms of behavior are derived from it.

Thanks to the coronavirus, the law of mutual guarantee is now being disclosed worldwide. Nature decided to show us who we are and how opposite to it we are.

Maybe during this crisis, we will learn what should be done to become an integral part of nature. Having fulfilled the law of mutual guarantee, we humans will bring nature into balance. Achieving complete balance and harmony of the forces of nature is a true paradise.
From Kab TV’s “New Life #1212,” 3/10/20

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