The Essence And The Root Of Unity, Part 4

laitman_567.01Why Should We Unite?

Question: “Nature” and “Creator” in Gematria have the same numeric meaning. You can call it a “nature,” you can call it “Creator,” you can call it “laws of nature” or “laws or commandments of the Creator.” All of these are the same. What is the purpose of nature?

Answer: Nature has a single purpose: to bring creations, which it specially created as if having been repulsed from it, not in the same coordination, and integral system with nature, so that in this way they can gradually determine through their development that their union with each other and with nature is in the best state.

Question: It turns out, there are kind of two tendencies or two forces that develop us. The first force emanates and integrates, the second one receives and absorbs. And so forth on all levels.

On the inanimate level, atoms unite into molecules, and these molecules combine into more complex organisms. The same integration takes place on the human level where people from small tribal formations integrate into megacities.

On the other hand, we see that there is a constant growth of egoism. That is, matter constantly becomes increasingly complex, diverse, divided, and improved. Why is it important to understand these two trends? Why should we unite?

Answer: We should unite because we must become like the general nature. It is integral and global in all of its manifestations. We see that although galaxies fly apart, stars explode, planets form, all this happens in a general tendency.

First, it is all interconnected. Therefore, if somewhere in the universe something happens even with the smallest particle, then almost the entire universe feels it. After all, everything comes from one root and under the influence of one force called the “Big Bang.”

No matter what happens, everything has its root emanating from the Big Bang. Everything scatters from the Big Bang outwardly. Thus, all parts of matter that are known and unknown to us, at all levels, all events, all laws, are interconnected.

In cosmology, this process that occurred after the Big Bang is called the process of large unification when all the elements began to connect, integrate, and form all kinds of matter.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 3/24/19

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