Kabbalah—The Only Method Of Revealing The Creator

laitman_214Question: Why is there only one truth and it lies in Kabbalah? Why aren’t there any other different paths to discover the spiritual world?

Answer: Egoism is created as opposed to the upper light. There is nothing besides the Creator (light, quality of love and bestowal) and the created being (quality of reception, self-concern, sensations in oneself).

Thus, all that is needed is to build the right connection between them for egoism (desire to enjoy) to acquire the form of the Creator. It is as simple as one plus one, nothing more. Thus there cannot be many methodologies.

By its nature, the method of Kabbalah is very rigid and categorical. It says: “Do this, and that’s it!” Therefore, we cannot offer it in this way to others. For now, we have to soften it, structure it, place it in some socially acceptable parameters so that it feels more palatable, like a bitter pill with a sweet coating.

Question: But all other methodologies come from the Creator too: “There is none else besides Him.” There are about 3,800 various spiritual practices. Is this a game on His part for the whole humanity to come closer to Him?

Answer: There is an enormous number of different souls that approach their final correction differently. However, their final correction will still happen with the help of the method of Kabbalah.

They must necessarily acquire a screen over their egoism and become similar to the Creator. But for now, they are not drawn to it. There are so many religions, faiths, philosophies, and mystical practices out there for them.

Question: So, in order to establish a connection with the Creator a person must “dress” his desire—acquire a screen on his egoism?

Answer: Yes. As in technology: there should be a plus, a minus, and a resistor between them. Otherwise, a short circuit will occur.
From the TV Program “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/25/19

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