Restore The Broken System

laitman_929Question: People are organized in such a way that everyone has a different immune system. There are people who are born with some kinds of genetic ailments, deviations, etc. Are there such deviations in spirituality? Does the science of Kabbalah teach how to get rid of them? After all, there are things that are invisible to the human eye.

Answer: Everything is determined by our starting point. Each of us is a cell of one single organism called “Adam.” This system was created by the upper light and together with it, it participates in everything that is happening and in what exists.

The upper light acts on this system, and it gradually changes, reveals its properties and, in turn, affects the light through its feedback. We are the particles of this system.

It went through a great path of development under the influence of the light that created, filled, and shattered it. And now all of its particles are in various states of half-life and decay. We must again assemble them into the same system in which they existed before the shattering, that is, restore it.

Imagine a toy that was assembled from cubes and then broken, and now you have to collect these cubes in the same system as before. This is our work, and it is very difficult.

We must change our nature in order to draw closer to each other, “cube to cube”; we must desire this connection—understanding what cubes to work with, how we need to interact, and why we are doing this—because otherwise unification will not take place.

But we ourselves do not have the strength for this. We only desire that this will happen. Therefore, all our work is to invoke the influence of the upper light, the unifying force that will gradually bring us together into one whole, as we used to be before the shattering.

The process of our restoration is this very sequence of the states that we must go through. This is our spiritual life.

And our corporeal life is much more broken and dispersed. During this life, we carry out only a small amount of spiritual actions, although we do not understand this. But if we reveal the science of Kabbalah for ourselves, then we can draw the influence of the upper light that will intensively bring us together, unite, condense, and connect us into those states in which we previously existed.

The upper light understands how to do this. It develops spiritual genes in us that connect us together. We can see in movies how a combination of various chemical, protein structures forms some kind of a system, and in the same way we unite in our internal structures.

Externally we do not feel it. But if we ourselves strive for internal unity, we will begin to feel how we are attracted to or disconnected from each other. And here we already have free will: we move on to this by ourselves or invoke the influence of the upper light. This is the way we act. This is our fate.

We need not wait for nature to teach us, through all kinds of blows and punishments, that it is worth being closer to each other. If we begin to direct ourselves correctly toward the upper light, so that it performs these actions on us, then they will pass quickly and we will be able to feel unity.

In this unity, we will reveal the whole system, the upper force, and our correct present and future states. In principle, even in small associations, we will be able to feel some resemblance to the correct final state. This is something that we can already now reveal and strive toward.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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