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The economy is overheated, the need for labor is falling, 30% of the population is left with no means. In addition to the jobs necessary for society, another necessary one arises—the integral connection of society. This must be taught to everyone! In it lies the success of all changes!

There may be a way out of quarantine, but there is no way out of the economic crisis. If we do not adopt the NEP: support the enterprises necessary for society. Everyone besides those who work for societal necessities should be sent to mandatory education “new life skills,” which pays a stipend.

“The Creator and His name are one”—occurs when HaVaYaH, our ten, is correctly connected by all ten Sefirot with its properties, all their smallest inner sub-Sefirot, achieving perfect unity corresponding to the nature of the Creator, absolute bestowal.

It is necessary to relate to work in a group (ten) practically, effectively, striving to achieve the form and essence of a connection similar to the Creator. We are advancing toward this in 125 steps, more precisely mutually calibrating ourselves, achieving a perfect revelation of the Creator in our common Kli, in HaVaYaH.

The Creator always dwells in a group, and to the extent that ten friends set themselves up to correctly unite, interconnect, and bestow, the Creator reveals between them—starting to play their violin (King David’s).

How can we become similar to the Creator if we are egoists? We are egoists, but we can unite above our egos, in bonds of mutual bestowal, unity, and love, despite rejection. We are like an out-of-tune musical instrument that needs to be tuned in order to play correctly.

The Creator is absolute. He does not change, revealing as the force of absolute good relative to us. What changes is our perception, desire. Though we say that the Creator changes, the changes happen exclusively in us. In order to reveal the Creator, we must bring ourselves to equivalence with His qualities.

All the friends must agree to give themselves to the Creator—they unite together and form a single vessel with which to sense the Creator, where He can clothe. We want for the Creator to clothe in us and rule over us. We submit to the authority of the quality of bestowal.

America is trying to bring back its economic independence, which is at the mercy of China. Whereas China, having become a world exporter, is discovering the other side of the coin: everyone is dependent on her, but she is also dependent on everyone else. Both sides must understand what nature is trying to show us—that the solution lies in integration!

We’re witnessing the recognition of evil, unmasking and the demolition of a system that used to be progressive. It will still allow correcting the US economy, but its days are numbered. It does not meet the needs of a global world, because it is built on the ego of the powerful. And today it brings more harm than good.

In the current situation one major player, the United States, is trying to reduce the export of another major player, China. No one can be right as long as everyone thinks only of himself. Only in striving for the common benefit can one be right, and this is the next stage.

We’ve become viruses for the planet! A #virus is a parasite, when propagating it harms or even kills the host. This is exactly what #capitalism does without realizing it. Now we understand this, but we are afraid of the medicine—a societal change, a change of our lifestyle.

Nature develops its inanimate-vegetative-animal parts, and for the last thousand years it has been developing man for a greater common interaction. But during these couple of thousand years, man violated the principle of interconnection with his egoism.
Only with our poor connections do we cause viruses and global warming!

#Jerusalem is a special place, the spiritual center of the world. It is a certain point in the universe in which enormous spiritual forces are concentrated. A spiritual, non material point. This is what we must reveal.

#Jerusalem will be raised by the whole world—in our hearts! Jerusalem is the heart, the epicenter of all desires and aspirations. In their midst, a Temple will be erected, a state of desires when everything is based on mutual love for each other.
Inside it, an upper common force of love, “Creator,” will be revealed.

The more I integrate into the ten, imagining the Creator in it, the more I tune my soul, like a musical string relative to other strings. The group should set itself up like a violin so that everyone is like one person with one heart. And then the Creator will be revealed in us.

We don’t play the violin—the Creator plays the whole ten together. Lights flow in and out of our Kelim, giving rise to harmonics and glows at all levels. We feel it as the Creator’s conversation with us, He appears in our sensations according to the right connection between us.
From Twitter, 5/24/20

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