Am I Righteous Or Am I A Sinner?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the connection between the hatred of evil and the salvation from evil? On one hand, simply by being human, we understand that when I hate something I distance myself from it. This guards and protects me, helps me to be safe from evil. But this does not work in the spiritual. There it must evoke the upper Light in order to correct me.

There is another instruction for understanding this, which states the world is only created for two states, either the state, perception, and comprehension of absolute evil or the state of absolute goodness. There is no other option. In other words, the world is created either for absolute sinners or the absolute righteous; it is one or the other, there is no third option. This is why it is worse to be an incomplete righteous than an absolute sinner. How can this be? This is what is written. So what are the teachers showing us?

The fact is, they write, that from the Creator’s perspective there is nothing in the world that might have dual meaning, a little bit of goodness and a bit of evil. From the Creator’s perspective there is only absoluteness—either absolute goodness or absolute evil, either absolute bestowal or absolute reception.

And for this reason, when a person wishes to advance toward the goal, he has no right to accept that there is a bit of this and a bit of that in him! This is the worst quality, the worst state!

Accepting it is a bad quality. Being in this and consoling yourself that there is nothing horrible about this is a bad state: There is a bit of this and a bit of that in me, I am no worse or better than others, there are these and those. When I console myself with these kinds of thoughts I will neither be able to reach the state of absolute sinner or absolute righteous. When I fail to reach these states, I stay suspended somewhere and I lack the point of reference for advancement.

From the Creator’s perspective, there is no difference between good and evil. There is no double meaning from His point of view: absolutely everything is good.

In our state, in our world, when a person begins to perceive that everything comes from the Creator, then he is already analyzing his attitude towards the world. If everything comes from the Creator, I either perceive that the world comes from a good, eternal, perfect source or that the world is full of suffering, contradictions, and meaninglessness. And if so then I do not believe, feel, and acknowledge that the world is really eternal, perfect, and good as the One Who created it and fills it.

Why do we need this? When, from the beginning, we perceive the world as perfect, good, eternal, and full of Light, then the problem is in us, in our perception of the world, in our sensations. When I feel that it is opposite to this absoluteness that I am able to imagine, then I evaluate myself, my qualities, as opposite and egoistic. However, when I do not see anything good in the world, then I am a sinner—I am not justifying the Creator, I accuse Him of creating this. And if I do not feel either thing, then I do not even acknowledge the fact that He exists and that He has created and maintains all of this; in other words, I deny the presence of the upper force.

A person must clearly understand his attitude toward the world from which he comes, and what it is like in relation to the Creator.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/12, Lesson 5

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  1. I may not get an answer to this question but how does one look at the suffering of other “creatures” like animals man slaughters for instance without concern for their pain: Should I justify the creator in this or should I try to get man to stop this madness? I can justify the creator for the GOOD I saw upon rising above the barrier, this world, but if this world is perfect then how do YOU Justify trying to get so many people to change when instead by your reasoning you should justify the creator for their ego and evil WTR and call it a day: I completely trust the creator to finish in me what he began in me when he separated me from below to above so I live in two dimensions (evil and good): But if this state is worse than pure evil, why should anyone desire to RISE above evil? Why all the preparation for it instead of justifying the creator this world and leave it at that? Being in two states is not worse than being totally in the WTR: If I didn’t have a higher state to guide me, I would never have hope of being corrected and if correction is not the goal but instead we should just justify the creator for being evil, what are you doing with all this work?

  2. How can you say there is no middle ground, when such a thing dissolves all hatred and catalyzes love for all beings? When we play extremes, one or the other, we break the world into pieces, and invoke hatred towards our opposite! Truly, if the world is infinite, then there is no righteous or sinner, both are imaginary! The + and the -, are merely projections. By any measurement there would be a negative and positive direction, forever. Is this not the very balance, the good and evil, that you say does not exist?

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