The Last Generation—The Time Of Women

laitman_294.4For many generations, women have been in the shadows. But in our time, they are beginning to awaken and come forward because we live in the last generation, the last stage of development of humanity, which must bring unity among all men and all women and then unite men and women together with the Creator.

Kabbalists wrote about the coming of the last generation and all its signs are confirmed judging by the global coronavirus pandemic as well as other events that are yet to happen in the near future.

The progress in the 21st century brought us to a state where there is nothing to do but unite with each other and rise to the spiritual level. And here, in the birth of a new humanity, women must fulfill their irreplaceable role.

What is the difference between a woman’s work in the new, post-coronavirus world and the old one? We still do not really understand and feel it, but we can already see how the coronavirus has locked us inside our homes, inside our families, leaving us alone with our husband or wife, with our children, with all our problems.

We start to look at life in a completely different way because the future is covered with uncertainty. And even now, with the easing of the quarantine and seemingly returning to normal life, we do not know what will happen, and we are afraid of a new wave of the coronavirus. It is possible that there are many other dangerous viruses besides it.

We must understand that all this comes in order to make us one humanity. And most importantly, to organize women to unite and lead the world. If people now spend more time at home, it means that women receive huge power.

Many will lose their jobs completely, others will work from home via the Internet, meaning, men will be at home most of the time. And if everything is concentrated in the house, then, of course, a woman will have a more important, high, and decisive position. The house is run by the woman, not the man.

And so, if we act wisely and delicately, women can gradually draw men to the correction of the world, which is already bound to come and is approaching. We have no choice. We need to explain this to our men and convince them to participate in it.

A woman should, as a mother, take care of her children and her husband in order to guide them in the right direction toward correction. And then, we will definitely be able to achieve peace in the family and peace in the world, as well as rise to connect with the Creator.

So, the last generation will be the time of the woman if she can fulfill her role. If not, we will have to move toward correction through blows and suffering.
From a Kabbalah Lesson “Women in the New World,” 5/9/20

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