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The Torah is not a book, but light. The Creator: “I have created the ego and the Torah for its correction, for the light in the Torah corrects the ego and makes people better.” The Torah is a system of drawing the upper light—the energy that corrects man, taking him from love of self to the level of love of all, altruism.

Today we are in a state of “standing before Mount Sinai” (Sinai means Sina, hatred). We’re beginning to understand that the ego is hatred toward others, that is, stands between us and prevents us from normal existence. We must stop using it, and instead turn it to good. That is why we were given the Torah.

Shavuot, the celebration of the giving of the Torah. It symbolizes the Torah’s revelation in the world, i.e., the bond between the Creator and humankind. ~3500 years ago the Creator revealed Himself to a group of people who wished to rise out of the ego (Egypt, Mitz-raim, concentration of evil) and into the quality of love and bestowal (Isra-el, straight to the Creator).

On Shavuot, we celebrate acquiring a connection with the Creator that allows us to rise out of this life, its lack of sense and purpose, above the animal existence. There’s no greater celebration than the Giving of the Torah, for everything begins from there! If not for this, our life would be wasted!

The Torah enables us to rise above our lives and attain the upper force, enter eternity, perfection, the upper dimension, based on bestowal rather than reception. Our world exists inside egoism, reception. The spiritual world lives for the sake of bestowal and is therefore eternal and perfect.

Giving of the Torah took place after the nation of Israel came out of Egypt, meaning after escaping the ego-intention and crossing the Final Sea, signifying separation from the ego and entry into the Sinai desert, where hatred (Sinah) is revealed between altruistic and egoistic desires

The commandment of love for the neighbor as for oneself includes all commandments, meaning all corrections that a person must perform in his ego-desire, in order to bring it to bestowal and become righteous. Inside of this love for people, he attains love for the Creator.
This is the Giving of the Torah.

Rabbi Akiva, the great sage of the 2nd Temple, “Love your neighbor as yourself is the general rule of the whole Torah,” its essence. The Torah was given to attain love for people. To receive the Torah, one must WISH to receive it! Studying Torah means learning how to love others. Are you ready for this? Do you really want it?

Nature knows no mercy. It is a system of laws, so if we don’t react today and answer nature’s demands, more powerful forces will come that will compel us to work on our correction, until we raise the connection in our society to the same level of integrality as all the other levels of nature.

The #quarantine is leading to unrest and tension in the society, which may result in an economic #crash. The pandemic is stripping the world of stability and security. If we don’t mend our relationships, we won’t solve the problem at its root—and then we won’t escape crises in all things, for we are bound by total dependence!

Medicine against the virus won’t help in our interactions—nature will demand of us an integral connection. It will force us to organize good connections between us. Only then will we be able to interact with one another, run businesses, profit from each other on the basis of our goodwill rather than greed!

Following the #coronavirus, the reshaping of society will begin. Redundant professions will disappear. People will be earning without working. The service industry will almost fully disappear! Only 10% of the population are required for the #economy!

#Governments will be forced to feed the other 90%! So we should hurry and change the foundations of society, lest we experience unrest and #wars.

Hillel (Ancient sage. Shabbat Treatise 31:1): “The whole Torah comes down to, ‘What you hate, do not do to others.’ The rest is all commentary!” That is, all the commandments are intended to explain the execution of the commandment, “Love your friend as yourself.” Because in this one achieves adhesion with the Creator.

Rabbi Akiva: “Love your friend as yourself” (Vayikra, 19:18) is the general (klal) rule of the Torah (B.R. 24:8). “General” indicates parts that form the rule. In other words, all 612 commandments of the Torah are the sum of the rules that make up the one commandment “Love your friend.” All of the Torah is given in order to achieve it.
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