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There’s nowhere to run from the new state of the “last generation.” We must realize our mission, which cannot be shirked: to bring humanity to a global, integral system of connections by way of the light that reforms, which flows through our group and into the world.

When a good connection, mutual guarantee, emerges in our unity, we sense life inside it. In the current painful existence, the whole body is fragmented, lacking circulation of the upper light, which fills every part of the soul. This means attaining correction, the eternal and perfect life.

The health of the nation depends on unity, mutual guarantee. Every person is a guarantor for the neighbor’s health and the care for everyone’s good health. This is how we will get rid of the virus —how we will perform an action toward unity, mutual guarantee, and construction of the common integral vessel!

Mutual guarantee is the main correction! I must think of others, be included in them, care for and feel their desires, understand how to help them attain adhesion with the Creator, and correction of the broken soul of Adam HaRishon.

The #coronavirus is intended to show us how dependent we are on each other. This dependence is called “mutual guarantee,” when I must think not about how to save myself from the coronavirus, but how to save others from the #infection, with my caring, good attitude to them.

The #coronavirus barges into our life and declares, “You are all integrally connected, you are all standing in front of Mount Sinai, and if you do not unite with each other and ask the upper force to correct you, this will be your burial ground.

We will start to get on the right path when we will sit at home because we fear infecting others, instead of thinking of ourselves. The coronavirus won’t go away until this change takes place. The virus will force us think about how not to harm others. I am afraid to harm others and I prefer to sit at home. #coronavirus

We must see the essence of the virus. It points not to a biological illness, but to our spiritual state, to the relationships between us, to the lack of our mutual guarantee. And in order to preserve such a guarantee and mutual concern, we need the upper light.

Mutual guarantee is when I must not think about myself, for others are thinking about me! I must think only about them, about the ten. We are all in mutual guarantee, gradually expanding it to include the whole world, and the Creator dwells between us, correcting us.

Dissemination is the correction of our external spiritual vessel (Kli) that must be attached to us, which we must treat as a head treats the body. Dissemination is the most important and necessary component, and here we place great hopes on the women!

Our life comprises the study, the work on unity, and dissemination. The study is first and foremost, for without it there will be neither unity nor dissemination. Without unity, you cannot actualize the study and you cannot do dissemination, i.e., the general correction of the world.

The “Torah” is an instruction (Oraa), a manual to the path, a complete guide that describes all our ascents and descents, all the relationships between us and the relationships with the Creator. It is a means of drawing the light of correction from above from the corrected system of the general soul of Adam HaRishon into our broken system.

People think that the first wave of the #pandemic has passed, and we can ease the conditions of the #quarantine until the next wave comes. But who said that we can already ease our lives? After all, have we already carried out any corrections? Have we brought ourselves in congruence with the integral nature? Have we improved our society?

The #coronavirus has brought us all to a realization of our own utter helplessness. Nobody knows what to do, how to escape these problems? Even though the virus is taking fewer lives than wars, it binds us completely. The healing starts by starting to correct the ego, but nobody will agree to that, for now.

Egoism is given from above; its revelation comes from the Creator. Therefore, do not expect egoism to disappear. On the contrary, we grow as our egoism increases! I need to get used to it. I must not despair. I must go on, even on all fours, but keep on crawling toward the goal.

The Creator is not an inner power; there is no power in us! There are ten people, and not one has any power. But since we want to connect, we reveal the force between us. This force is the Creator who is between us. We use His power, not our own.

It is out of despair, supporting each other, making efforts despite fatigue, that we approach the revelation of the Creator. This work is called a journey through the desert, where we draw the power of bestowal. Passing through the desert, we ascend from Malchut to Bina.

It’s easier to understand a friend’s question than to feel it. But we must try to evoke feelings through the mind. Everyone feels, then asks. From a friend’s question, I want to feel what he feels. The friend went from a feeling into his mind, while I, with my mind, want to attain his feeling.

I want to get closer to my friends or to the Creator, but I can’t. This is where the opportunity arises to ask the Creator for help, to affect me with the upper light, to give me the power of bestowal. I must reveal the place of correction, and the upper light will correct. “The Creator will finish it for me.”

ILO: One third of the world’s population, over 2 billion people, are at risk of job loss.
In fact, only the enterprises and jobs necessary for existence will remain. The rest should be engaged in #training and #education of a new society.

It is necessary to reduce all made-up businesses for which there is no need, that destroy nature. People who are free from unnecessary work should be enrolled in the system of integral education, so that they learn about the right connection between us should we want to survive and be happy!

We exist in a global integral nature, and we are obliged to change, adjust ourselves to its structure. Otherwise, this state will come to us through bloody force, like all changes in social structures that were accompanied by wars and revolutions. This is not a virus but a spiritual revolution.

Mankind has suffered a serious ideological blow. People do not really want to return to their jobs. They need to make a living, but it does not incite the prior enthusiasm. Passion, desire to succeed, win, or manage have been lost. “The #coronavirus blow made us wiser!”

The only way to avoid epidemics is to establish good relations between us. This is the only way to destroy all viruses—we are obliged to connect into one system of good connections. Please note: nature will prompt us to do so with many different impacts!
From Twitter, 6/3/20

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