Two Trends In The Life Of The Jewish Diaspora, Part 1

laitman_437Where is the integration of Jews in other countries leading?

Question: Several hundred years ago with the arrival of Arabs to Spain, the Spanish Golden Age period began. Jews enjoyed religious freedom, led the country’s economy, and had judicial autonomy.

In the 12th century, even the word convivencia appeared, meaning the happy coexistence of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Usually such periods in history ended very quickly. As soon as Jews would begin to integrate with any country, the law of anti-Semitism switched on immediately, and they were persecuted. Why? You always say that the goal of dispersing the Jews is to transfer the spiritual method to other nations.

Answer: Only If their goal is to really transfer the methodology.

Dispersion usually leads to the absorption of a people and nothing remains of it. Who then would fulfill the plan of nature? Therefore, the law of anti-Semitism kicks in, the law of the preservation of the Jewish people so that they fulfill their spiritual mission. Assimilation is absorption, dissolution.

Remark: But the Jews kept all the commandments, all the traditions. Always.

Answer: No, it was not always the case. They tried in every possible way to adopt the cultural and worldly traditions of other nations. Many converted to a different faith. Mixed marriages spread. Jews rejected their dependence on the Torah. It was not easy.

Remark: Indeed, such people in Spain were called conversos or maranas. They adopted Christianity in order to advance through the ranks and occupy posts. It was at this moment that the pogroms began. As the Soviet historian S. YA Lurie wrote: “So, we come to the conclusion that the intensification of assimilative tendencies in Jewry has always caused an increase in anti-Semitism and in particular (which sounds especially paradoxical), an increase in accusations of particularism,” that is, in separation.

Answer: You will not escape; this is the law of nature. You can develop but only in the direction that enables your connection with others in order to convey your spiritual path to them. And if this is not the case, then this connection brings a sharply negative impact from those with whom you are connecting.

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From KabTV’s “System Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/29/19

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