Professions Of The Future

laitman_560Question: What employment structure would be optimal? What can be recommended to young people and those who can still be retrained? What should they prepare themselves for in terms of what professions?

Answer: Absolutely everyone will be engaged in spiritual, social, and cultural work. And only a small part of the population, or the whole population but to a very limited extent, will work in factories or in agriculture so that we can feed ourselves, get dressed, put on shoes, create the necessary equipment for this, etc.

All of mankind will understand that it needs to squeeze its egoism and not produce anything superfluous. And this should be the only criterion with which we approach the post-viral state.

Question: Can humanity count on some kind of support from nature to feel this as a favorable reaction to the right actions?

Answer: I am sure of that. As soon as we begin to enter into a mutually correct relationship with nature, we will immediately feel its help, its support, and we will be able to feel happy, harmonious, and integrally developing in it.

And all the seas, oceans, forests, air, the whole flora and fauna will rejoice at our presence, and not shrivel at the sight of us. I wish us all the best of luck!
From KabTV’s “Unemployment in the Post Coronavirus World,” 5/5/20

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