The Most Needed Profession

Dr. Michael LaitmanOver the course of its entire history, humanity has never paid attention to the development of the personality, but only talked about it. There was a lot of talk about education in the Soviet Union, but instead of educating, they suppressed personalities.

Today practically half of humanity needs to work on the development of the personality, on shaping a human being. Not only children need to be educated. Over the course of his life, a person needs to be surrounded by an environment that will shape him, support him, and constantly guide him forward. This requires a huge army of people who understand their purpose correctly.

Everyone needs to learn about connections that benefit society and about complete mutual unity. People need to know how to create such a spirit in society, when you feel like you and others are absolutely one whole, when you dissolve in the society, stop perceiving your “I,” and only feel that there are “we.” This is highest human psychology.

According to the latest statistics, 10% of the world’s working age population are able to provide all the people in the world with everything they need. This includes construction, communication, food, delivery, distribution, clothing, services, and so on. So what will the other 90% do? 20-30% of them are children and elderly. But what about the remaining 60-70% of the population? They will all work in the area of upbringing and education, in other words, they will educate others and be educated by others.

An environment that takes care of a person’s inner spiritual development has to accompany him or her from the first till the last day of their life.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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