Did Our Employment Bring Benefits?

laitman_547.05Question: We are now experiencing a very interesting moment when almost the entire world is trying to return to the old life. People hope that everything will be the same and life will somehow get better. But at the same time, the International Labour Organization predicts that one and a half billion or more people will be out of work altogether.

We hope that the country will provide them with the necessary social support. But the question is, how can such a huge mass of people exist without their usual work? What will they do? How can a person realize his or her human qualities if they are not in business, not in demand, and not satisfied with anything?

Answer: What did a person do before? Absolutely unnecessary things. Just to sell something to someone, buy something from someone, and that is it. In this case, it is more useful if he does not do anything rather than harm the environment, the atmosphere, the ecology. Nobody needs his job!

Nature will not stand for it anyway. It strives for a clear integration of all its parts, and even more so of the human. So, we come to the conclusion that the coronavirus has shown us we are an integral system in nature and are inside it. We cannot do anything, because nature will still urge us, push us, to take our serious, normal niche, and work in it.

This niche has only one way out. We cannot always exhaust Mother Earth and produce unnecessary goods because this leads to a huge overproduction.

The fact is that thanks to modern technologies, we can feed and serve the entire population on the planet, but we only exhaust it. Therefore, we need to look for a different way, another way of development: what to do, what to develop, and in which direction to move.

I believe that there is only one answer in the direction of spiritual, social, cultural self-realization, but in no case technical, not material.
From KabTV’s “Unemployment in the World After Coronavirus,” 5/5/20

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