Desires Given To Us By Nature

laitman_555Question: As far as I understand, our desires are neutral and it is the intention that makes them egoistic?

Answer: Yes. Intention determines the vector and magnitude of desire.

Let’s say I want to eat some fruit. How much I want it, what I have to do for it, to what extent exactly I have to go for it, this is already determined by the intention.

Question: Which desires are egoistic and which are normal when I just fill myself up and do not intend to harm anyone?

Answer: From the point of view of nature, any of our desires that we feel as a movement toward each other, to unite and to interconnect, are all true, correct, kind, good. And if we feel distant from each other, opposite, ready to contradict each other, then, of course, these desires ruin the world, destroy us, and in the end we find ourselves at the “broken trough.”

Question: Are our natural basic desires for food, sex, and family considered egoistic?

Answer: This is not egoism because man’s nature makes it necessary for him to fulfill these desires, and he realizes them to the extent that nature forces him.

Question: What if I egoistically use my closest ones in the family?

Answer: This is already beyond what nature intended, this is already egoism. And those of our desires that are aimed at maintaining the normal life of a person are not called egoistic, they are just fundamental, natural.

Question: So if I fulfill a desire at the expense of others, this is called egoism?

Answer: Of course, because you humiliate others and rise above them.

Question: What’s wrong if I play sports, listen to music, go to concerts, travel, go on vacation abroad every month? Whom do I harm?

Answer: It is quite possible that there is no harm regarding human society. But in addition to society, there is also nature around us. Do you harm it? Don’t you act opposite to its integrality?

Question: So I always have to control myself, whether I’m hurting someone or something?

Answer: Yes, as you are part of the entirety of nature.

Comment: But this is an ideal condition.

My Response: No, it is a necessary condition. This must be taught and explained. A person must be aware of this and adapt himself to this state.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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