In The Future Society Will Personal Goals Remain?

laitman_244Question: In the future society built upon spiritual laws and operating as a single body, will any personal goals remain with any person or will there only be collective goals?

Answer: Everything that is relevant to our physical bodies will be arranged in the simplest way because all of the desires and goals connected to corporeal existence belong to the animate level. Clearly everyone requires nourishment, sex, and family, and you arrange for all of this, yet no more than necessary.

After all, nothing will interest you besides attaining the goal in the group, in your society. There, within the society, you will feel your life is on another level, on a human, spiritual level. So our physical life will be very simple.

Question: In the new world will there be scientists, teachers, and musicians? Let’s say that I am a violinist, will I have a personal goal?

Answer: Your goal will be to play the violin as beautifully and well as possible in order to be integrated into society and to cause connection between people. After all, if you bring benefit to the general connection and strengthen it, you will achieve your personal goal—living within everyone.

Question: Is our goal to feel ourselves connected as one person with one heart?

Answer: This is not a goal but a means. The goal is to feel the source of life and feel that I am useful to everyone when I love others as myself.

Question: The goal of a violinist is to become the best performer. What will be his goal in the corrected world?

Answer: It will also be to become the best violinist! Yet today for you the meaning of “being the best” is getting lots of money and respect. So the ego pushes you to be the best with a personal pragmatic goal.

However, in the world of tomorrow, you will yearn to become the best violinist not for the ego, but from love of others. What motivates you is not self-love at the expense of others but the desire to serve people. Everything is completely different: from the beginning of the work to its end.

This approach makes it possible for you to feel all of creation through the heart and mind of society. And then you will see the upper world. You won’t feel the animal world like you do today; a world that is perceived through the five senses since our bodies belong to the animate level. The new world will be felt through the five collective senses that are built after gathering all the desires and passions of friends.

So you will feel the world on a higher level. Instead of the usual seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching, senses that are called: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut will be created with you.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/29/14

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