The Mechanism Of The Collective Intellect

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the mechanism of the collective group intellect work? It seems that, in corrected integral connections, collective emotions appear, and their output is the collective intellect. What place do the individual feelings of a person have within this?

Answer: I think that, at the level of the general network, according to how analog integral systems operate, everything is interconnected, the feeling of individuality disappears, and each one feels a collective shared network. It is found on a higher order of magnitude. It is not just the sum of all the individual parts, but rather the revelation of the integral, when people rise above themselves so as to exist together within this shared collective network. Ultimately, each person inserts himself into everyone and all are included in all. However, this is not the main thing. The main thing is the next level where people specifically begin to feel this integrality. They live within it.

There is something in common: a higher integral association, where there is no single individual, but all create a cohesive whole, and it is a single image of a group or society. It is felt by all who were once individual and rose above the other so as to unite with everyone. In this state, people experience an entirely different reality.

This is something we can assume and this already has been talked about in quantum physics, that is, events that are felt outside of the human body, outside of one’s limitations, events that are outside of time, movement, and location. This is our next level.

This is because when we speak about our world we are simply speaking about the the still, vegetative, and animate nature. We don’t include the Adam (human being) in this because we suppose that he is found above all the other levels. However, in what way is the Adam higher? Is it that he has the ability to act above his instincts? No, he exists within his instincts and desires.

The more that we develop egoistically, the more we discover how much our instincts, egoistic pressures, and internal genes manage us.

Therefore, to date, we cannot exclude the person from the animate world. On the contrary, we see that no matter how much we would like to regard the human being as higher, nevertheless, he returns to this world. Only from a level where it is possible to perceive by means of unity will we rise to the level of the next new and more qualitative existence, and as far as it seems, the thought of creation is designed specifically to take a person to this.

Lately, in the border areas of science we have discovered the limitations of our feelings, our research capabilities, and even our understanding of processes, and this limitation is very serious. We cannot advance forward. We encounter something, and we are not prepared to discover anything further. We can talk about something only speculatively. Later, nature closes before us because we feel it only as individuals.

However, if we go out to an integral level, then we can see it directly in the form in which it exists, and not in the form that the individual, the researcher, feels it, for when I go outside of myself in mutual integral cooperation with others, I exit “from myself,” from my limitations of time, movement, and place, from all that is found within my body, within my five senses. It is as if I enter a new integral sense. I exist within it, and then all of my psychology already is found above my limitations. There, we finally will be able to understand the new physics of the world.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of the Crowd” 5/6/13

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