“Study: People With A Lot Of Self-Control Are Happier”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Atlantic): “’Improbably enough, people who are better able to resist impulses report being more satisfied with their lives.

“Among humankind’s most valuable assets’ is self-control, according to Wilhelm Hofmann and his team of researchers at the University of Chicago. They define it as ‘the ability to override or change one’s inner responses’ and to refrain from acting on impulses. …

“The more self-control people reported having, the more satisfied they reported being with their lives. And contrary to what the researchers were expecting, people with more self-control were also more likely to be happy in the short-term. In fact, when they further analyzed the data, they found that such people’s increased happiness to a large extent accounted for the increased life satisfaction.

“As they go about their daily lives, people with a lot of self-control appear to generally be in higher spirits; in the long run, they’re happier with their lives. To explain why this would be so, the researchers conducted another online survey. What they figured out is that instead of constantly denying themselves, people high in self-control are simply less likely to find themselves in situations where that’s even an issue. They don’t waste time fighting inner battles over whether or not to eat a second piece of cake. They’re above such petty temptations.”

My Comment: Precisely, restriction (Tzimzum Aleph) and receiving after certain calculation with a specific intention (the screen and the Returning Light) makes reception acute (the Light of NRNHY), up to the point that a person can feel its source, the Creator, in any pleasure! That is the way the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us to reveal the Creator, through receiving pleasure from Him.

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