The Benefits Of Being In The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen a person is worthy of spiritual advancement for the benefit of the common system of souls, the Light guides him forward toward self-realization. This way, one is brought to the group, and he has to believe that the group was given to him from Above.

From that moment on, a person has the freedom of choice to establish himself among the friends. Establishing oneself in the group begets several positive points:

1. The person abandons selfishness. The Light grows the person, raises him above egoism, and returns him to the Source so he would incorporate himself into the common network and reveal the Creator there.

We need to understand that now we are also interconnected in a single network. However, we are unable to feel it since we are overly grounded. We lack purity and fine sensibility in order to be able to see the system where we also exist at this moment.

According to The Zohar, our eyes are directed inward, and we do not see the actual reality and do not understand where we are. Moreover, we even despise this fine sensibility. We reject it and do not allow ourselves become even a tiny bit more sensitive toward the connection between us. However, the connection is present within. We only need to be attentive and look, and we will reveal it. Then, due to this revelation, we will begin to receive the Light that Reforms.

In reality, it is not the Light that comes toward us, but we go toward the Light. A person becomes closer to the Light to the extent of his gravitation toward the system of connection between the friends. This is because the common system is constant and perfect, but it manifests gradually, according to the extent of our sensitivity toward the Light. The Light is constant, and we only need the desires that are directed toward it.

2. The group allows one to resist the external environment. Now, he can save himself from the power of the surrounding world which influences every person with its desires, thoughts, and goals. A person enters the group, incorporates himself in it, wishes to submit to it, and he receives different kind of thoughts, desires, and goals from it, ridding himself of the external dictate.

3. A person receives the strength of the entire group, and now he also begins to represent the strength of its common soul. Naturally, this gives him a much greater aspiration toward the Light than the one that has brought him to the group.

Through this powerful impulse toward the Light and correction, a person evokes the Light’s influence over him, and the Light raises him from the egoistic intention, Lo Lishma (not for Her Name) toward the altruistic intention, Lishma (for Her Name).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/31/10, “The Need for Love of Friends”

One Comment

  1. “The Light is constant,and we only need the desires that are directed toward it”
    What are these desires?A desire for unity,a desire for harmony,a desire for Love?
    And the desires we dont need,are that the desires for sex,money,power?
    I think so,but would like to hear other opinions.
    I remember,I learned,the deeper a desire,for money for exemple,the deeper will be that desire once it is purified…
    Probably there is no contradiction in this,but it seems I miss a piece of the puzzle here

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