In A Single Field Of Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe live in an egoistic world, and every person sees it based on how much fulfillment and pleasure they can receive from it, how much they can benefit: personally and in comparison to others. A person constantly measures himself in relation to others: Sometimes it is better to receive less but somewhat more than others, than to receive a lot when others receive even more. We have become accustomed to acting this way in our world, and we always developed this way.

But now a completely different world is standing before us. It forces us to act in a different manner, for example, like ants that always work together as a single organism, or like birds that feel one another when they fly. When birds travel, the entire flock turns at the same time, like a single whole: It is not the first bird that turns with all the other birds following it, but all the birds turn together.

A school of fish also moves simultaneously, and so on. There is a precise connection between them, one common field that controls them. Everyone absolutely feels everyone else, regardless of whether they are the first or the last in the school, and this is why they all turn simultaneously. In a state of community, instead of perceiving oneself, every individual perceives the common whole and executes the common will, the common plan.

Nature obligates us to act together the same way, but instead of acting instinctively like ants, fish, and birds, we need to act consciously. This state is absolutely confusing to us. How can I perceive the entire world like one enormous flock and turn and interact together with it like one common whole with one head and one heart? However, now we are entering this state against our will and regardless of our desire. We already exist in it like one enormous flock of birds, school of  fish, or colony of ants, but we do not understand it yet.

However, we are gradually beginning to realize it. We see that we can no longer control ourselves and influence things like we did before because now a completely different mutual work plan is being revealed where you must feel everyone else, and all people together have to feel the common movement, turn, and move in one direction.

We have to distribute everything between us according to this: to consume and to manage seemingly private matters that suddenly become public. A person does not have anything private. Anything he does is part of the collective. At the end, his little work must include the general plan. He must feel like he is an element of the flock, which is operated by the general thought, the general mind, the general plan.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/16/2011

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