In Unison With The Universal Mind

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we unite and feel the general force, desire, plan, and the general intelligence that governs us and that we have to comply with, and when we are in unison, harmony, and conscious movement with it, then we will feel the mind of the Universe or “noosphere” that Vernadsky spoke of. In other words, we will feel the upper force of the universe, the thought of nature, its highest plan, its beginning, and its goal. We will rise to the level of man, who will become the peak of nature, will be equal to it, and will understand the Thought of Creation.

We are required to become aware of this state, to understand it, to grasp this mind, this desire, this plan. How can we discover it? When we begin to move in unison, in harmony, like a school of fish, perceiving the movement of the surrounding field, and do so by our own desire, not instinctively like birds and fish, then we will begin to recognize this field, this great thought of nature.

The whole problem is how to find this field, begin to connect to it, and to find a common rhythm in our movements. To do this, we must change ourselves.

A person can change only under the influence of the environment, as we see it in ourselves and in our children. Otherwise, nature will change us harshly, forcing us by blows, putting us under the “steamroller of development.”

To avoid this, we need to be active and to create, in advance, the surrounding environment for ourselves that would bring us to a greater similarity to this single force of nature. Thereby, we will change. We have to surround ourselves with a simulator that would raise us all the time, unite, and move us closer to the force of nature, which today compels us to be integrally connected.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/16/2011

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  1. Understand that the days of the “simulator” and groups of ten are gone. We are now uniting with all wherever we are.

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