The Scroll Of Esther: The Screen Falls

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe king responds favorably to the proposal by Haman and informs him of his decision to destroy all the Jews throughout the kingdom.

Mordechai conveys the message to Esther about the need to go to the king with a plea for mercy. However, Esther sets a condition and through Mordechai, she turns to her people with a call to connect and unite. She is then ready to turn to the king with the request for mercy and pardon for those condemned to death. The fate of the Jews depended solely on their unity.

This Is How We Win

There are many “Hamans” throughout the world. Every nation has its Haman, the main hater of the Jews, and woe to the Jews if they forget this.

The condition that transforms the Jews into a people is the condition for which they stood at Mount Sinai: their readiness to join together and answer positively to the call for unification. That is how this happened in the days of Purim 2,500 years ago. The king remembered that he owed Mordechai for saving his life. Esther drafted Mordechai’s request before the king and the Jews were saved. Much later, King Cyrus of Persia, Esther’s son, helped them return to the land of Israel and build the second Beit ha Mikdash (Temple).
From the brochure about the holiday of Purim, 03/2015

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