Mutual Guarantee—Now And Forever

laitman_275The life we see outside the window is a reflection of our inner connection with one another. Violent demonstrations in American cities protesting against racism and a new wave of coronavirus around the world, is all due to our inaction and our unwillingness to correct our attitudes toward each other.

The coronavirus burst into our lives and declares, “You are all in an integral connection. You are standing together in front of Mount Sinai. If you do not unite with each other and do not ask the higher power to correct you, then this will be the place of your burial.”

The coronavirus is designed to show us how much we depend on one another. This dependence is called “mutual guarantee” which means that I should not think about how to protect myself from the coronavirus, but how to protect others from illness due to my kind and correct attitude toward them.

And what is happening now? Now, as a genuine egoist, I say that am tired of sitting at home in quarantine, I want to go outside and have fun, go to a restaurant, cafe, park, and the seashore. I want this! And I do not think about others; there is absolutely no mutual guarantee between us. Others are not considered by me at all; I do what is best for me.

If I was sure that everyone else were healthy and that I was the only sick one, I would carelessly walk around everyone with my infection. I would know that no one would infect me and I would let others become infected; what do I care about them? And this is exactly what is happening in human society in America, in Israel, in Europe, and everywhere. Everyone thinks only of himself; there is no sense of responsibility for one another.

We will begin to take the right path only when we sit at home without sticking our noses out because we are afraid of infecting others and are not thinking about ourselves. The coronavirus will lead us to such change and will not disappear until the change happens. The virus will make us think about how not to harm our neighbor. I will be afraid to harm others and therefore will prefer to stay at home.

The coronavirus should give us the feeling that we are living in an integral world where you can be healthy only under the condition of mutual guarantee. This is not everything, but it is the very first and necessary thing to start the correction.

And then I will no longer need any restrictions like closed borders between countries, a mandatory distance of two meters, or a mask; no one will have to be obligated to do anything. After all, everyone will take care of others and try to do everything so that others would remain healthy.

We need to look deeper into the essence of this virus because it reveals to us, not the biological disease in us, but our spiritual condition: the relationships between us and the lack of guarantee for one another. And in order to maintain such a guarantee and mutual care, we need the upper light.

Therefore, the coronavirus has come to us from above and has awakened us so that we will turn our attention upward and ask for the upper light that will correct us and give us a sense of responsibility for one another, which we do not have. Then I will worry about others so as not to harm them, but rather to be useful to them.

Mutual guarantee is the most difficult of all efforts because it is our main correction. I have to think about others, get involved in their lives, take care of them, feel their desires, and understand how to help them get closer to adhering to the Creator, how to merge with the upper force.

These are very high concepts related to the correction of the broken soul of Adam HaRishon. But we are approaching them day by day in understanding and in feeling.

The health of people depends on their unity and mutual guarantee. Everyone is the guarantor of their neighbor’s health and ensures that everyone is healthy. In this way, we will get rid of the coronavirus because, by doing this, we will act toward unification, mutual guarantee, and the construction of a common integral vessel.

We will take such a step when everyone will worry, not about getting infected with the virus themselves, but about not transmitting the virus to others. That is, the direction of thought should be the other way around and the reasoning should be opposite as well.

Mutual guarantee means that I cannot think about myself because everyone else thinks about me. And I would have to think about them, about the ten. And so we will all be in mutual guarantee, gradually expanding it to the whole world, and the Creator will be between us and correct us.

The guarantee is accepted together, now and forever. A guarantee, by its nature, cannot exist if there are restrictions because it is based on love. And love is not compatible with limitations.

Our well-being depends on mutual guarantee because this is the basic law of the corrected system. In order to be healthy, a person needs to be in a body whose parts are correctly connected to one another. And the correct connection between all parts of human society is mutual guarantee in which everyone thinks about everyone and does good to everyone. And so we need to collect all of our broken parts and connect them into one healthy body.

And when a kind connection and guarantee between all the organs arises in this perfect body, we will feel life in this body, not today’s sick existence where the whole body is cut and fragmented, but real life where the upper light circulates throughout our body and fills every part of us. This means we must attain correction as well as eternal and perfect life.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/30/20

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