Two Trends In The Life Of The Jewish Diaspora, Part 3

laitman_622.01Why do Jews hate their root?

Remark: The first inquisitors in Spain were of Jewish origin. As it is written in historical documents: “A special zeal in eradicating heresy was displayed by the confessor of Queen Isabella who himself descended from a marranos family, the first Grand Inquisitor Thomas Torquemada.”

In addition, the initiator of founding the Spanish Inquisition was Alonso de Spina, a French monk of Jewish origin. And the Jew Deza Diego became the second Inquisitor General after Torquemada.

My Reply: Naturally. The most terrible anti-Semites are, first of all, the Jews who hate their root. They feel that it is spiritual. It is too high, opposite to this world, and therefore, they have an urgent desire to get rid of it. But since they cannot do it, it all turns into a terrible hatred toward their own people.

Remark: Looking back at the reasons for the Spanish tragedy of exile, we clearly see that they are not of economic or religious nature.

My Reply: There is no justification for this. It is absolutely irrational.

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From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/29/19

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