What Pleasures Is The Post-Coronavirus Era Preparing?

laitman_962.5Question: Can a person live without pleasure?

Answer: No. Every minute of one’s existence, a person seeks pleasure.

Question: What new kinds of pleasures, in your opinion, will appear in the era of the coronavirus? We see that the old forms of pleasure from gathering in cafes and restaurants and from trips abroad are most likely to disappear.

Answer: It is gradually leaving, but not because we desire it or not. Nature is programmed in such a way that all these pleasures in us are gradually changing. Therefore, those types of pleasures that we enjoyed in the 20th century gradually disappear in the 21st. What pleasures come instead? We’ll wait and see.

I believe that these will be the delights of proper communication with one another, in which we will reveal the next level of existence and begin to fill the mind and heart with a sensation of an upper life.

Question: Do you think that sitting together, communicating, and revealing deeper layers of our interconnectedness is the greatest pleasure?

Answer: Speaking in plain language, this is a psychological pleasure from the fact that we feel how nature works on us, how it interacts with us, how we influence it, and how it affects us.

Question: So all problems can be solved only by changing the relationship between people? And can we prove it?

Answer: There is no need to prove anything, we will see it from life. But isn’t it like that today? If there were no problems between people, how much better would our world be?

Comment: On one hand, it seems to be so, but on the other hand, it is not clear to people that united together, we will somehow be able to influence the lower layers of nature.

My Response: This must be explained. And since we exist in an integral nature, it is not so difficult to explain. The whole cosmos and we, our body, our society, everything is arranged according to the principle of the integral interaction of the parts.

The only thing that breaks out of the framework of the global, integral system is a person, not with a physical, but with a moral device, an attitude toward others. This attitude to the other, to “outside of himself,” he must put in order.

Question: Do you think it will be possible to prove that if people unite now, they will immediately see some kind of beneficial effect of nature on us, and vice versa, if they disconnect, then some cataclysms will begin? Or will it still happen not so explicitly?

Answer: This will not happen so explicitly, but we can accelerate this process with our explanations. After all, in principle, we have such an opportunity. And all sorts of viruses will help us.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/23/20

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