We Haven’t Lived, But Only Played In Life

laitman_423.03Before the coronavirus, it was usual to travel and go to restaurants and shopping centers. It gave satisfaction, filled our lives with meaning. But the coronavirus changed all this. What will a person receive fulfillment from in the new world that we are entering ?

We are like children who suddenly grew up. While children are small, they are led to walk, play in the playgrounds, and ride on carousels. But then children grow up and must begin to learn. And when they become adults, they must get a profession and work, and take on different responsibilities.

Life is not a kindergarten. And although we were fine in childhood and would like to return there, this is no longer suitable for us. Would you agree to go back to kindergarten and play there like a child?

Humanity is now undergoing a special stage of growing up, which affects men, women, and children, and this is not easy for us. We will have to realize that we need to relate to life differently.

I remember how difficult it was for me when carefree childhood ended and my parents, who had spoiled me before, suddenly began to demand from me, force me to study and take care of myself. I could not understand why such a change suddenly occurred.

It was difficult for me to survive this until I realized that life is divided into halves. In the first half, you are a child, and father and mother take care of everything. And in the second half of your life, you become an adult and you must take care of yourself and your father and mother can no longer do everything for you.

And this is what is happening with humanity that was previously spoiled by nature. But now we have to become adults. And this maturity is not about opening more businesses, traveling the world, sitting in restaurants and bars, like it was before the virus, that is, about enjoying life. We have already finished this period and from now on, nature will demand from us as adults.

And as adults, we must know why we live, what is the purpose of life, and where it leads us. We can no longer be carefree children. We must open our eyes and see that we have a serious life ahead of us that requires we undertake a serious attitude.

We must make ourselves new people living in a new world. And this world is already appearing before us, only we do not want to notice it, but still we play as if in a kindergarten.

In the new world, we will receive fulfillment only from understanding the meaning of life. In the meantime, we were just amusing ourselves like little children with toys and balls, building castles in the sandbox and destroying them, playing war with each other. And suddenly a new stage has come where we need a serious attitude to life.

Until now, we haven’t lived, we have only played in life. We built ourselves an artificial world and played inside the sphere we created. If someone looked at the Earth from space, they would not understand what people were doing, why they were fussing so much, what is the use of it?

You need to learn how to live in a new way. I also once wanted to continue to live like a child and for my parents to take care of me. But they did not agree and could not do this, they realized I had already grown up. Therefore, they gradually moved away from me, reducing their attention and care. They could help in some way from afar, but each time less and less, and therefore, I was forced to grow up.

So we now need to understand how to improve our lives and in what form we need to live, what goals to achieve, in order to stop playing in various far-fetched affairs and to begin building a life that makes sense from the point of view of nature.

To do this, you need to discover nature and understand what is happening to us and what needs to be done to be adults according to the program laid down in nature, which we have not yet touched.

To live means to understand, feel, and comprehend its essence and purpose, and while still in this world, to taste the higher, cosmic meaning of life, encompassing the entire universe, the entirety of nature. We see that in nature everything has a meaning, a goal, and only our own life seemingly passes aimlessly. This is our work: to reveal the meaning of life, its essence and purpose, and begin to realize it. This is the task that nature poses before us.
From KabTV’s “The World,” 3/12/20

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